Dove Tops The Viral Chart With Camera Shy

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Camera Shy, a recent ad released last month by Dove, took over the first spot on the Viral chart. The ad features women from all age groups and walks of life, who turn their faces away as soon as they are approached by a camera. To be honest, I do that too quite often, maybe it has more to do with the feminine instinct, telling them, “Oh, camera, let’s just play hide and seek!”

While, in the second half of the ad, a number of young girls (that’s the age where I believe the instinct hasn’t developed as yet) are featured, who happily dance, smile and play around in front of the camera. The ad ends with the message, “When did you stop thinking you were beautiful?”

All in all, a brilliant campaign by Dove, no wonder, it scored the number one spot for itself. Check it yourself and leave your feedback below.


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