170+ Best Quotes About Life, It’s Meaning & the Choices We Make

Inspiring life quotes can uplift people by instilling in them an uplifting and a positive energy. An energy so strong, that it enables them to conquer a mountain of a task. To others, these quotes about life can help them bounce out of anxiety, depression and the darkest corners of the mind. And then, there are people who either go

Abraham Maslow

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory: An In-Depth Overview

Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is one of the most well known, referred to, and well-recognized theories of motivation in psychology. Often referred to as the Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs or the Maslow’s Theory of Motivation, it has been used by marketers to understand consumer behavior, by psychologists to decipher why humans behave a certain way and by social scientists


Disadvantages of Car Insurance for Auto Owners

In spite of the numerous disadvantages of car insurance, people can’t get away without buying it for their cars. It is required by law, to get car insurance, if a person intends to drive in North America (in almost all states and provinces). Car Insurance is a necessity in today’s times. It can be a life-saver, in times when a


18+ Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Mobiles phones are a great invention, but we’re not very conscious, or cognizant, of the disadvantages, mobile phones (cell phones) have brought us over the last couple of decades. Even though, I agree, that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages of mobile phones (or cell phones). That’s a fact. And living without a device today is near to impossible. Unless you


What Are the Disadvantages of Linkedin

In our fascination of how Linkedin has evolved the face of professional networking over the years, we never really think about the disadvantages of Linkedin. But despite any disadvantages that there may be, I’m a big advocate of Linkedin. I feel that the shortcomings of the platform, are far less than the benefits that Linkedin offers. It’s a great tool

GiantDuck: What Did We Gain (or Lose)?

When Ontario first announced that they’re bringing in a #GiantDuck to celebrate Canada‘s 150 at the Harbour Front, it raised many eyebrows. Ontarians weren’t happy to see their hard earned tax dollars “go down the drain” – as most people believed.   “Massive duck made a massive lineup,” said Tiki Taxi’s Luc Cote . “It was easily three times the


10 Assertive Communication Skills Essential for Closing a Sale

Making a sale depends on good and assertive communication skills. While this might sound as if it’s very easy to follow, but can be easily overlooked when trying to close the sale. Curious? You can expect the potential customer (or client) to respond in a number of ways, and if you are not prepared to handle it. You might lose