Amazon Mocks the iPad Air

It seems like poking fun at each others products is becoming a regular thing for technology giants; Samsung and Microsoft / Nokia have been the culprits to name a few. This time it’s Amazon trying to degrade the iPad Air with it’s new Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. A functional approach correctly points out 3 benefits of getting the Kindle Fire


DejaView: An Immersive Interactive Experience

It’s always great to see marketing teams and agencies going a step ahead and creating awesomeness. Infiniti, the luxury car manufacturer, has launched an immersive interactive movie, Deja View, which breaks new ground in entertainment technology. It’s a short film where the characters call you on your phone to ask for advice making you an integral part of the story.

Volkswagen Creates Music from Driving Styles

People usually let the type of music determine their driving style. And that’s the widespread understanding. However in a new VW Golf GTI campaign, Volkswagen flipped this notation. How about an application that determines the kind of music played based on individual driving behaviour? That’s what the new Volkswagen Golf GTI’s “Play the Road” campaign is about. The german automobile


Surprise Marketing Freaks Out Customers in a NYC Coffee Shop

Surprise marketing can do wonders for a brand if done right. It is one of the many guerrilla marketing formats that allow marketers considerable freedom to innovate. And if done right and seeded well on the internet, it can lead to generating millions of views. A great guerrilla marketing campaign was executed in order to promote an upcoming movie called


Van Damme Demonstrates Volvo’s Dynamic Steering

Volvo Trucks came up with an unusual campaign to demonstrate the precision and directional stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering. Volvo Dynamic Steering is the world’s first technology that makes the new Volvo FM easier to drive. They signed up Jean-Claude Van Damme and made him perform his famous splits on two reversing Volvo Trucks.     The stunt was performed in Spain in a closed


4 Useful Ways to Take a Screenshot on Mac

Are you struggling to take a screenshot on Mac? It could be one of the two reasons. Either you’ve never felt the need to take a screenshot on mac before, or you’re one of the newbies to the Apple Macintosh. Whatever the case maybe, take this as a quick guide to learn a few useful shortcuts to help you with


13+ Catchy Slogans of Top Brands

We post about creative and catchy slogans a lot because we feel that slogans are one of the key elements of a brand’s identity. In fact, great slogans help position the brand from a consumers’ point of view. And that’s why brands emphasize more on how their slogan sounds like; does it go with the brand? Is it addressing the


UberConference Simplifies Concall

Gone are the days when people used to go through a tedious process of dialing-in a long phone number and a PIN to connect to a concall. It’s not that people don’t go through this now. They do. But there is a solution to avoid it: UberConference. Being an adman myself, I can relate to this. Often times, the conference