10 Reasons Why Remembering Things Becomes Difficult

If you’re having difficulty in remembering things, it may just be due to a distracted state of mind. There may not be anything mentally wrong with you. We suggest that you don’t jump to conclusions, and read further. So, have you ever gotten that lost feeling of forgetting what you came here for when you walk into a room? And


List of 31+ Character Traits & Examples to Inspire Positivity

Have you ever been asked by someone to describe a list of character traits that you possess? Or may be that asked you to describe your personality in a few words? If yes. Were you be able to do it? It’s okay if you were not able to. Because, it can be very difficult to perceive your own list of


Explanation of Group Polarization with Real Life Examples

A crowd of angry football fans, often referred to as hooligans, taking extreme measures to destroy public property just because their team lost a Saturday night game. If it would have been one angry fan, his anger won’t be extreme enough to take such a measure. But because he was part of a large group, he, and hundreds others like

Psychodynamic Theory: Explanation with Examples

Ever wonder how you’ve become the person you are today? The truth lies in the concept of psychodynamic theory. Your past experiences, relationships, and influences have all contributed to your personality in some way or the other. In this post, we will discuss a number of psychodynamic theory examples to help you develop a better understanding of personality development from


10+ Mandela Effect Examples to Illustrate the Concept Better

We will use a number of Mandela Effect examples in this post to explain this truly bizarre concept. It occurs when a number of unconnected people, end up recalling a nonexistent event being identical to another. Or in other words, a type of false memory.   What is the Mandela Effect? The Mandela effect is a form of confabulation, a term


151+ Questions that Make You Think About Your Existence

Several decades have been spent by people wondering a lot of things, asking questions that make you think about your existence, and striving to get their answers by the Creator, or through observations, and thought-provoking meditation sessions. The world evolved slowly and gradually, starting with something as small as the invention of fire, to the first man landing on the


12 Positive Reinforcement Examples, Definition, Outcomes

Positive reinforcement examples are important to understand the concept that was first coined by B.F Skinner while working on operant conditioning. To give you a high-level idea, positive reinforcement is a reward-based system that aims to encourage positive behaviour. This method is also one of the most important concepts in behaviour analysis. In this quick guide, we’ll discuss the definition, outcomes, and


7 Classical Conditioning Examples in Daily Life

If you’ve heard about Pavlov’s famous dog experiment then you probably already know what classical conditioning is. It’s the process of learning a new behavior via an association. In this blog, we’ll discuss some awesome classical conditioning examples that’ll help you gain a better idea of the subject. Classical Conditioning in Marketing In marketing, classical conditioning can be used to