120+ Meaningful Quotes that Make You Think About Life

Meaningful quotes about life can encourage an individual to do some soul searching, ask deeper questions, and reflect on the unsaid principles of everyday life. There is a lot of wisdom behind them, and these sayings are quoted by people who have seen life from different perspectives. Last month, we pondered over the meaning of life, and posted a large list

Erikson's stages-of-development

What are Erik Erikson’s Stages of Development?

To understand what are Erik Erikson’s stages of development and the concept thereof, we need to embrace the fact that each person has his or her own unique identity. When you dive a little deeper, you’ll understand that a person’s identity is composed of various personality traits. These traits can be classified as positive and negative and vary from person


Psychiatry vs. Psychology: Understanding the Difference

Have you ever considered the differences between psychiatry vs. psychology , or have you assumed them to be the same (or similar?). You’re not alone. Psychologists and psychiatrists may work together for their patient’s well-being by offering their distinct professional skills. But, while most people assume that psychiatrists and psychologist are interchangeable terms, this is far from reality. The primary


12 Negative Reinforcement Examples, Definition and Outcomes

Remember when we discussed operant conditioning? One of the most important concepts discussed by the American psychologist B.F. Skinner was negative reinforcement. While many mistaken negative reinforcement for punishment, it is definitely not the same thing! In this post, we’ll explain what it is along with 12 negative reinforcement examples that can help you understand the concept better.     What is


7 Operant Conditioning Examples: Reinforcement vs. Punishment

One of the most widely known theories of human behaviour includes operant conditioning. To date, psychology is considered as one of the most interesting disciplines of all. This is probably because this discipline has helped answer some of the most perplexing questions about human behaviour. In this post, we will discuss a number of operant conditioning examples in detail to explain


12 Character Archetypes to Enhance Your Story Writing

If you’re a story writer or literature buff, you’ve probably come across the term “character archetype.” In literature, character archetypes are used in both classical and contemporary works to make story-lines more compelling. According to Psychotherapist Carl Jung, archetypes are primitive mental images that innately persist in our subconscious from early human experiences.     What are Character Archetypes? In

170+ Best Quotes About Life, It’s Meaning & the Choices We Make

Inspiring life quotes can uplift people by instilling in them an uplifting and a positive energy. An energy so strong, that it enables them to conquer a mountain of a task. To others, these quotes about life can help them bounce out of anxiety, depression and the darkest corners of the mind. And then, there are people who either go

Borderline Personality Disorder Quiz

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Answer all questions of this borderline personality disorder quiz to test whether you are at risk of BPD, or not. Click on the link if you’d like to learn more about borderline personality disorder symptoms, and why you should take the test.