Developing Snapchat Marketing Strategy for Your Business

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Have you been thinking about developing a Snapchat marketing strategy for your business? Great idea! It is a cool new platform on fire, it’s gaining a large amount of visitors and it is also one of the most buzzing jargons in the marketing world.

However, if you’re considering to use Snapchat for business, be vary of the fact that it is unlike any other digital or marketing platform. Don’t expect the similar results to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter  and other paid social channels.

Snapchat is primarily an engagement platform that can help brands build credibility (if done right) – but it requires a real-time strategy and a lot of on-going effort.

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Who Are We Talking To?

A Snapchat user has a very short span of attention, they’re on Snapchat so they can (ideally) follow fun user accounts that can entertain them. The platform also gives an opportunity for users to engage with each other – but the engagement usually comes in when the user is either enticed to engage with a certain piece of content, or compelled enough to do so.

This generic audience behavior can vary based on the profile of users you want to reach out to. A set of females between the age group of 20-25 might be interested in beauty / makeup related content vs a males, who might be interested in sports content.

Key takeout: Your content needs to be entertaining and engaging on Snapchat!

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