The Coolest Butter Knife We’ve Been Waiting for All Our Lives

We’ve all gone through the frustration of having to apply cold and hard butter straight out of the fridge on a slice of toast. Yep. Not matter how careful you are, the hard butter clumps rip your toasts into shreds. Well, your wait is over because The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp Knife is finally here to take your agony away. Now you

Funny Reactions to Trying Indian Snacks for the First Time

Buzzfeed came up with this funny video where a bunch of Americans try Indian snacks for the first time. It’s hilarious how they react when they’re made to try products like Masala Chips, Hajmola, Thumbs up and many others. My only problem was, they didn’t use the Pani for the Pani Puri, which was kind of weird. And that didn’t make sense. Maybe they


What Does ACH Mean?

What does ACH mean? Why do we need it? And how does it work? These are some of the questions we’ve tried to answer in this quick guide. Starting with the definition: ACH is a payment processing network for financial transactions in the US. Confused? Let us give you an example. Imagine ACH as being a router in the middle of


Domestic Violence Linked with England’s World Cup Knockout

According to the statistics from a research published in the journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, risk of domestic abuse rose 26% when England’s team won, and even hiked upto 38% when they lost. A very powerful campaign by Tender (a non-profit against domestic abuse), British charity for using theatre and the arts to end domestic violence. “Though research on the


Girls Are Not Just ‘Pretty’ #InspireHerMind

Women constitute roughly about 50% of the workforce in the US, yet their representation is only 25% in STEM jobs (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). And though the blame is usually directed at women for not making these choices, or corporations for not creating equal opportunities for both genders, the fault truly lies in their upbringing. Verizon, in collaboration with Makers (a portal for women stories),


Neutrogena Men Campaigning Against Junkfaces

Do you use the same bar of soap that has been everywhere around your body to wash your face? If you do, you’re one of the many junkfaces out there. Neutrogena Men is campaigning against all such men (25 to 35 year olds)  in Canada who have been using the same soap to wash their face and junk.    


Comprehensive Guide: What is Media Buying?

Media buying, as it may be obvious from the term, is the process of buying media exposure. Businesses, non-profits, individuals and even politicians, can all buy a share of media exposure in the form of advertising. This media exposure can then be used to market products or to create awareness about a cause; or whatever business objective needs to be achieved. But before going into


19 Heartbreaking Pictures of the World Cup in Brazil

The media portrays a very different story to how things actually are. These pictures from Brazil during the FIFA Football World Cup 2014, show us a different story. A darker side. A reality check. And it is extremely heart breaking. While FIFA is expected to make $4 billion in revenue from this world cup 2014, the residents of the host nation