Camera Frame Installation by Canon in Amsterdam

A very straightforward camera frame installation in Amsterdam by Canon, is going to gain a lot of social eye-balls online, on-ground as well as in tourists’ photo memories. Makes us wonder why no one else every thought of that? Or maybe it was too simple an execution for many.    


Beck’s Awesome Playable Music Posters

Beck’s, a beer brand, used conductive ink to create interactive posters and connected them with speakers, so people could create their own music. The posters were installed outdoors on busy streets, for maximum visibility and engagement. Interactive music posters? That’s what we call creative media first execution.


Rain for Sale Campaign by The Coca Cola Company

How to solve the water problem in Lloro, Colombia, which is the rainiest town in the world; a town that has everything but no drinking water? The Coca Cola Company and Ogilvy Colombia joined hands and contacted the mayor in Lloro to solve their problem. They engaged the population in a simple, yet powerful, idea to help them buy drinking

Grind Museum Exhibit - Office Spaces 3

Grind Creates an Old Office Museum

Grind, a members only co-working space and community, is on-ground with a cool guerrilla marketing stunt these days. In order t0 communicate that the old office concept is ancient, and that its about time people start thinking progressively about the ways they work, they created a faux museum exhibit of old office equipment, on the busy sidewalks of Chicago, which


19+ Premium & Free Web Design Buttons

We’ve compiled a list of premium and free web design buttons available online for your website & user interface projects. The buttons might available in different formats including AI and PSD files. Free download and premium web buttons are both listed to provide you with a variety of options.   Free Website Buttons   1. Blue UI Kit   2.


15+ Attention Grabbing Real Estate Slogans

Marketing for real estate businesses can be a tricky job when there is a lot of competition in the market, with every realtor trying to maximize their share. Promotion for realtors is about developing trust by getting their word of mouth going through satisfied customers. Trust comes by doing good work and letting customers spread that; but word of mouth


What is Guerilla Marketing? Definition & Examples

What is guerilla marketing? We’re pretty sure you’ll find several guerilla marketing definitions out there, but if you’re looking for more clarity, you’ve landed on the right page. Guerilla marketing is another buzz word that marketers have been using a lot in recent years, and it has been building up like the viral marketing phenomenon.   Guerilla Marketing can be defined as