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Fan Makes a Burger King Deal with Chris Webber

This TV advertisement by Burger King features Chris Webber and a crazy basketball fan, who is too short to get a clear view of the game, since right in front of him, is the basketball giant himself. Talk about short people problems! But trust me, short people like myself might look too cute to mess around with anyone, but usually


Summer’s Eve Might Threaten Your Masculanity

A recent ad for Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash features a husband, a wife and a deadly mistake! The ad starts as a moment of ‘manly mistake’ happens when the husband bathes himself using the Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash, which is apparently specifically formulated for a woman’s “V,” according to the wife. And thus starts a series of manly activities by the


BelVita For Your #MorningWin

After tiring days at work, and less sleep at night, mornings are usually dull, boring and lazy. It is certainly one time of the day that most of us wish to skip altogether or just sleep through it. However, if you start your mornings with a serving of BelVita every morning, your mornings are likely to be much better and


Moto X Beats Your Lazy Smartphone

A recent television commercial for the latest Motorola phone, Moto X, features T.J. Miller as a lazy smartphone that does nothing unless you touch, tap or scroll them to your desired feature, doesn’t matter if you have greasy hands or soapy hands, a lazy phone would never play a song for you when you really want to listen to one


Taco Bell’s Loaded Griller – Unshareable

Taco Bell makes it clear the things that are off-limits for girlfriends out there. The TVC stars a guy who would order everything he would love to eat, and his girlfriend who would order nothing ends up eating everything he orders. From his chicken wings to nachos and chilli cheese fries, everything is devoured by his girlfriend. But the guy knows

Perfect Puddin’ Hour at School by JELL-O

This 15 seconds long TVC for JELL-O is easily the cutest ad I have seen so far. A little red headed kid returns from a tiring first day at school, and orders a bowl of JELL-O immediately from his father, who acts like a bartender and asks him about his day. The day seems pretty much a hard work for

Kyle Larson Makes Love With Axe Peace

A recent ad for Axe Peace deodorant features NASCAR driver Kyle Larson, spreading his message of love through a car racing competition. The ad starts with the commentator speaking on the microphone, and describing how Kyle is currently leading the race, and it looks like a ‘state of war’. However, Kyle being the man of peace himself believes in anything