Jägermeister Celebrates a Journey to Surf

When it comes to advertising alcoholic drinks, we have seen a number of unrealistic ads that mostly talk about how downing a glass of beer can make you a stronger person, and more attractive to women. However, this recent campaign by Jägermeister is a complete contrast to the typical adverts. Jägermeister’s ‘Journey to Surf’ advert features a bunch of professional surfers


Snickers Helps Keep Godzilla Calm!

With the Godzilla movie just a few months away from release, the marketing campaigns for the movie has been kicking some higher records. A recent ad by Snickers, features a really cool Godzilla who is friendly, fun and amazing – but that’s only when he is not hungry. Hunger unveils the other and the much darker side of the cool

you Schwarzkopf

Beautiful Declaration of Love by Schwarzkopf Nectra Color

Schwarzkopf, a German hair beauty brand created this awe-inspiring commercial, that pulls just the right chords of your heart. If you have ever been in love, and if you know someone who defines perfection for you, you might be able to closely relate yourself to this beautiful ad. Schwarzkopf, celebrates the spirit of love by featuring a young couple who


Guide Dogs For People Who Have Seen Too Much

The first thing that comes into our minds when we talk about guide dogs, is they help the blind who can’t carry out their daily routines on their own. However, little do we know that these guide dogs are not only trained to help those who can’t see, but also those who have seen too much in their lives.  This


Extra Strikes an Emotional Cord Through the Origami Ad

Extra’s Origami ad is a heart touching commercial that features the emotional bond shared between a father and daughter. This beautiful campaign shows how little things that your parents do for you make a huge part of your childhood. The ad starts featuring by a man with his daughter, sharing Extra gum and creating origami cranes with the foil paper.


WWF: Pakistan’s Initiative for Earth Hour 2014

WWF runs an Earth Hour campaign every year, where they request the community at large to participate in the cause by turning off their lights for about an hour on the last Saturday of March. The reason WWF has been trying to establish this ritual from grounds up is to inculcate a sense of responsibility on an individual level, hoping


InFocus: Interview with Dr. Mathew McDougall

Today, we are interviewing CEO Dr. Mathew McDougall from Digital Jungle. Digital Jungle is China’s largest independent content focused, digital marketing Agency, boasting 120+ staff in China and teams in Australia and Japan. Their primary focus is to work with Western organizations to deepen their relationships between their brand and Chinese consumers; through quality content and strategic thinking, to drive consumer action,


DHL Turns Rivals Into Advertisers

DHL really knows how to pull some evil tricks on its rivals for its own benefit. This latest campaign, makes its competitors acknowledge the fact that DHL is much faster and better when it comes down to business. In order to pull this nasty trick on its competitors, they prepared a few huge boxes for delivery and hired its competitors