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Soy Milk Can Ruin Your Family Life – Devondale

Ever thought about how accidentally sipping just a bit of soy milk can ruin your social and family life, without repair? Well, now before you stock your fridge with packets of soy milk, it is time you better think of what might happen if you mistakenly take a modest sip of soy milk. I am sure you’re most definitely thinking


GEICO Wishes a Happy Hump Day!

Don’t we just love Wednesdays? Of course, we love Fridays more than Wednesdays, but a Wednesday gives you the hope that you’re almost there and you still have chances of getting out of a busy week from office… alive! But who could possibly be happier than a camel on a Wednesday? People who save hundreds of dollars on their auto


Messi Lights Up the Pitch For Adidas F50

In a recent advertisement for Adidas F50 soccer shoes, Lionel Messi, the famous footballer from Argentina is seen wearing a complete black outfit. At first looking like a ninja, the football player pulls a mask over his face, the background blacks out, and Messi’s suit brightens up with LED lights! The four-times FIFA player of the year does a brilliant


Mentos Fresh News For Facebook Users

Guess what? You do not need to be a great name in politics or fashion, and do not need to win the Olympics to make your name flash on the news headlines! Yes, you heard it right! Mentos has come up with a great new campaign to make you popular by creating personalized news bulletins for you. This social media


5+ Awesome Car Wrap Advertising Examples

Car wrap advertising is a type of ambient marketing that is used to generate visibility for brands at a relatively lower cost. It is an efficient and cost effective marketing tool not only used by bigger brands as support media, but also by small and medium sized businesses as part of their awareness driving arsenal. Vehicle advertising or Car wrap


Samsung Galaxy S4 In the Lands of Sorry Potter

A recent ad created in Taiwan for the Samsung Galaxy S4, shows how the gadget would have proven to be just as great as a magic wand in the land of Harry Potter. The ad starts off with Dumbledore giving a speech to the new batch of sorcerers to The Hogwarts School, including Sorry Potter, a Harry Potter lookalike and


Internet Explorer Brings Back Memories of The 90s

Internet Explorer in its recent ad campaign, makes us remember the time when it was cool to wear shoes that would light up with every step you took, and when instead of flat screen tablets and smart phones, all we had was a digital pet to play with. Internet Explorer in this campaign tries to make us remember how in


Playstation 4 – Greatness Awaits!

Playstation 4 came up with a great video ad campaign just a few days back that already earned thousands of youtube views. As the slogan of Playstation 4 suggests, greatness does definitely await for crazy gamers around the world! The ad starts with a blonde guy in an immaculate suit, and sleek hair, stepping out of his crashed car, and