Yawn to Get a Free Cup of Coffee – Douwe Egberts

After reading the caption of the article, you are possibly wondering if that is even possible? But yes, Douwe Egberts came up with a great idea to sample their product – giving away cups of freshly brewed Douwe Egberts coffee to whoever yawns in front of the coffee machine. One of such machines installed at an airport, made a great


The Power Inside – A Social Film by Intel & Toshiba

After the huge success of “The Beauty Inside” the first social film created by Intel and Toshiba, the two companies in collaboration have come up with an amazing sequel, “The Power Inside.” This movie narrates a tale of aliens disguised as moustaches and uni-brows taking over the world, changing everyone into unthinking drones. The great thing about this social film


Logitech Promises No Bad Hair Days at Work

Ever tried using your headphones at work and ended up with your perfectly combed hair looking like a bird nest? And then to add on to it, you see your office eye candy just walking past you as you try to hide beneath your desk, embarrassed by your bad hair day! That’s exactly when we all wish our hair would

How High Can You Jump for Adidas?

Adidas recently came up with a new ad campaign featuring the famous basketball star, Derrick Rose for their D Rose Jump Store in London. The concept of the ad is simple yet, very innovative. For the campaign, Rose travelled all around Europe as a part of his “D-Rose Tour.” This unique store gave fans a chance to jump with the


“The Impossible Family Portrait” by Skype

Skype recently came up with a new ad campaign showing its viewers how people across the world, geographically separated from their loved are managing to keep in touch through Skype. “The impossible family portrait,” an ad created for the campaign, features Denis, a middle-aged man who left his homeland, Uganda and his family to seek a job in America with

mcdonalds 100 moments website

Do You Have A McDonald’s Moment?

McDonald’s has its long history of being one of the most famous family dine-in fast food restaurants around the world, and in spite of its recognition as a best fast-food restaurant, a huge chunk of McDonald’s budget goes to marketing campaigns. What’s different with McDonald’s marketing campaigns is the fact it realizes how important the digital media is in today’s


11 Best Print Advertisements of 2012

Print advertisements have come a long way as they make one of the oldest and most successful means of promotion for businesses all over the globe. However, in today’s time of viral videos and social media, a lifeless picture printed on a limited newspaper or magazine space, may not seem to be very promising to many business entrepreneurs. And, while


What is Brand Salience and How to Pump it?

Brand salience is the extent to which a certain brand is given importance when the consumer is facing a buying decision. If you are new to marketing, you wouldn’t have got this. And your question remained intact, if you are not confused already.   What is Brand Salience? Visualize yourself going to a store to buy a bottle of soda,