Coca Cola Happiness Flag Greets Arriving Passengers

Coca Cola keeps working on small heart warming insights and comes back with innovative campaign executions. Denmark has been named the happiest country in the world in several global surveys; and this gave the remarkable people working at Coke an idea to do something nice. Here is “yet” another campaign that hid the Danish flag in a Coke flag dispensing machine.


Volkswagen Shoulder Pokes Its Audience

To register a new side assist feature they came up with, Volkswagen made a simple yet mind jolting guerrilla marketing campaign. The side assist is a type of side mirror that let’s drivers see their blind spot, hence reducing the possibility of potential accidents. The campaign was based on this guy who pokes people from the side and avoids himself


Global Advertising Spend 2012 vs 2015 [Infographic]

Advertising is a multi billion dollar industry with global advertising spends consistently growing every year. ZenithOptimedia released some key figures last month with a snapshot of the changes that we can expect in the layout of the global advertising spend from 2013 to 2015. The global advertising spend in 2013 is expected to grow by 3.9% closing at about $518


Censorship Tells the Wrong Story – Reporters Without Borders

This is an old campaign by Reporters without Borders, that I remember seeing across the web. Media can be used (or rather is being used) as a mass manipulation tool and can skew audience beliefs at large over a period of time. A strong message is conveyed through this advertising campaign.     This print advertising campaign was designed by


What are Gross Rating Points?

For professionals working in broadcast networks and media agencies, answering a question like: “What is a rating point?” is fairly easy to answer. Why? Because that’s one of the most important KPIs that they have to deliver to reach client goals, report great numbers and… well make money of course! The rating point is one of the most important metrics


Moms Demand Action on Gun Control Laws

A powerful campaign by Grey that shows strong contrast between 2 kids holding something that’s banned in American schools against a weapon. Do you think this gives out a strong message?    


Amnesty International Asks You To Sharpen Your Pencil

Amnesty International organizes writing marathons each year where people write letters to ask for the liberation of prisoners. They wanted people to realize and take part in these writing marathons, and they did that through illustrated pencils and pencil sharpeners with images of an oppressor torturing people. The audience was expected to sharpen the pencil to make the oppressor disappear. The


Coca Cola Recharging Happiness

It’s amazing to see how Coca Cola is picking up meaningful consumer insights and turning them into full fledged campaigns. I’ll call it smart marketing because these small things are helping the brand to establish strong bonds with its consumers at large. Even the audiences viewing these happiness videos will eventually develop a soft corner for Coca Cola, entirely based