Nike Takes Street Football: Anytime, Anywhere!

A cool activation concept by Nike was launched in Spain, where they drove a truck to various locations and projected a futsal field for the youth to play on. In markets where football is equivalent to a religious following, a concept like this can do wonders for a brand. Good show Nike!


Fast & Furious 6 Rocking the Box Office

The much awaited movie of the year 2013, Fast & Furious 6 (also referred to as Fast 6), is topping the biggest Memorial Day weekend of all time with $38.2 million; this is a leading record at the domestic box office. Universal Studios is expected to touch an approximate debut of $119.3 million for this action packed blockbuster. Fast &


Microsoft Humiliates the iPad

Remember the Don’t Fight, Just Switch ad last month, where Microsoft picked on Apple and Samsung smart phone users? And what about Microsoft Hammering Google Chrome through a leaked parody last week (do you think it was a “leaked” or “seeded”?) Well, Microsoft is at it again. This time, its the smartness of the Apple iPad against the Windows 8 tablet by


The Negotiation by Heineken

Heineken secretly gives men a chance to watch the UEFA Champions League Final in London. But it is not as easy as it sounds. They had to convince their female counterparts to buy a basic pair of stadium seats for $1,899! Yep. That’s right. Just watch how these men come up with all kind of hilarious excuses. Heineken continues to spark


Coca Cola’s Small World Machine – Uniting India & Pakistan

Coca Cola has been very innovative in reviving the vending machine culture with fun and engaging campaigns in recent years. The number one cola’s small world vending machine, as they call it, broke the barriers between India & Pakistan in March 2013; two nations that have been at each others necks since over 65 years. It’s a live video version


Microsoft Trashes Google Chrome

An anti-Google leaked parody from Microsoft took the web by storm this week. The video goes on and on about how Google sees what you are doing everywhere to make money off you (which is actually true). The parody concludes with the tagline: “Don’t get Scroogled!” Now this surely would have offended a lot of Google fan boys out there,

This is Water - Short Film - David Foster Wallace

This is Water – Short Film of an Excerpt by David Foster Wallace

I am glad to stumble upon this short film today. It is an excerpt of a commencement speech by the writer, David Foster Wallace, at Kenyon College in 2005 converted to a short film by The Glossary (video production house). I wasn’t really expecting what I am going to see as the film started off from with gold fishes and


bpost Sets Up a Live Webshop in the Heart of Brussels

bpost strives to be the best postal operator that the customers trust in Belgium. To prove that, they opened a webshop in the center of Brussels that live streamed online through a price dropping auction system. They stocked up must have items with each item’s price dropping by the second. As soon as someone bid the item was sold, was