10+ Ways to Get Better at Remembering Things Quickly

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There are a few skills that do not require anything past graduation. For instance, geometry, physics, or maybe just something as simple as dissecting a cockroach. Sadly, memorization is not one of those many things. It is way ahead of the tests you appeared for in school. On an honest note, your memory can either save you, or humiliate you publicly. Just imagine! You were to meet someone very important at let us say a party? And you forgot what his name was! Well, that would probably ruin your entire reputation in front of him. Hence the ability of remembering things is literally a blessing in disguise.

Memory is a very important aspect of adulthood, for it enables you to enrich your life. From remembering things like the seasons to football statistics, which can be a big deal for the religious fans, to learning different languages.

But, one things should be kept in mind for sure. In order to be good at remembering things, you need to practice and follow a few tips. Don’t worry, just keep reading because you are about to get one heck of information on how to make your memory sharp and on how to remembering things in one night.

How To Remember Things Quickly

#1 Take a quick guess!

One of the most appropriate ways of remembering things is to guess the meaning of the word you are about to memorize before you even know it. You would probably end up being wrong, but the act of just guessing means that you are almost there. Because when the answer would be disclosed to you, you would remember it better compared to knowing it without any guesses. It generally works for names as well. Guess a person’s name before meeting them and you would remember it better.

#2 Keep repeating again and again!

The key to remembering things is repetition. But, another innovation known as “mega drilling” has been proven to be very powerful. This technique says that you should repeat whatever you are trying to memorize at least thirty times. So, if you meet someone new, just recall their name at least thirty times and you would not forget it the next time you see them.

#3 Mnemonics

Using a mnemonic helps you in remembering things better. Whatever new word you come across, just think of any rhyme or sentence that sounds similar and you will remember it better. Just like the famous episode of Hannah Montana, where she made a song out of the 206 bones in her body. It helps you in connecting words with the knowledge that is already in your mind. Plus the quality of the memory is a lot better that way.

#4 Study during the afternoons

Even if you are a morning or night person, it has been proven that those who prefer studying during the afternoons have a better learning capacity compared to those who do not. Focusing on a task during the day has a greater effect on the long term memory as well.

#5 Just Relax!

One of the techniques of remembering things quickly is to take a break in between. do not exert yourself, just relax. Even if you want to stare at the wall for a few minutes in the middle of your study breaks, do it? The process of gazing at the wall would definitely prevent you from getting anxious, calms you down and relaxes your brain. It also creates space for new memory later. Giving time to short breaks and resting can actually make you faster when it comes to the long run.

#6 Picture it!

It might sound a little weird, but it is one of the most effective way when it comes to remembering things. Visualize whatever you are learning. take it to the extreme levels. Let’s say you are reading about a tragic accident. Picture it in your mind, as to how it must be and you would never forget it. It probably sound berserk right now, but it really works.

#7 Exercise

It is about time we accept the fact that exercise is the solution to every problem, and memory is nothing different. Exercise increases the oxygen supply and cell growth, in those parts of your brain which are responsible for memorization.

#8 Sleep enough!

We all have pulled out an all nighter at some point in our lives, right before an important exam or test. But most of us are unaware of the fact that even if we cram on our books till the last minute, a good night’s sleep is tremendously important. Studies prove that the process of sleep during the night helps you in remembering things better and keeps your mind active the next day. Your brain is bombarded with stimulus when you are awake, and uses the time you are sleeping to process everything. Basically it clears out all the unnecessary information and doubles down on remembering things that are important.

#9 Concentrate for 8 seconds!

In today’s time it is all about rushing with everything, wanting them to be very fast. That is the reason why this advice might be of no value to many but when you need to remember something, concentrate on it with full attention for at least eight seconds. It might sound like forever when you are in a hurry and running out of time trying to get done with a dozen things, but it is worth the time. Studies prove that it is the minimum amount of time that is required to take information from your short to long term memory.

#10 Chew gum!

Chewing bubble gum for around thirty minutes helps a person in remembering things. Studies prove that people memorize better when they chew gum while doing so. Just the act of chewing gum makes people focus better and improve their concentration.

#11 Write it down!

Writing down whatever you are trying to memorize literally does wonders. It helps you in remembering things way better compared to repeating it just verbally or in your head. Furthermore, studies prove that taking down notes on a piece of paper is a lot better than tying it on your computer.