No matter how much we love our rusty old family cars with broken seat-belts and the noisy engine, it would always sound like a great idea to get it exchanged for a brand new Audi A3.

You are possibly wondering, who in this selfish world would be generous enough to do such favours. Well, if you are thinking so, this recent campaign by Audi might just restore your faith in humanity (or marketing :p).

audi exchange

The Audi team in South Africa, began the Audi A3 Exchange Campaign. This started with a 18 wheeler truck, carrying a brand new Audi A3 Sportback driving across South Africa, guided by hopeful South African who tried their best to make the exchange happen in their city through tweets and online votes.

At last, three finalists were selected who went through a series of physical tasks, giving way to one deserving candidate who got the chance of exchanging his car for a the brand new Audi A3. View the video to see how this brilliant campaign worked.


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