The minute a boy is born, the world expects him to be a man! Even crying over a pimple is usually seen at with raised eyebrows, that us women, usually freak out about and empty tubes of facial creams over. No wonder all the face torture that a man faces from his birth till mid-age, is usually not given enough attention to. From the numerous cheek pulls, pokes, close shaves and face burns to some well-deserved slaps and glass doors. A man has to survive through all this without whining or making even slight complains. I never thought how difficult it could be to be a man, until Dove Men+Care came up with this campaign all about men.

This ad for Dove Men+Care facial products features a middle-aged man and narrates his sorry story of face torture throughout his life. It is time to stand up against face tortures and take care for the same, says this ad to all men.

dove men


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