Women constitute roughly about 50% of the workforce in the US, yet their representation is only 25% in STEM jobs (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

And though the blame is usually directed at women for not making these choices, or corporations for not creating equal opportunities for both genders, the fault truly lies in their upbringing.

Verizon, in collaboration with Makers (a portal for women stories), has launched an insightful ad that showcases how parents unintentionally become overprotective and discourage their young girls to pursue science related subjects.


66% of 4th grade girls say they like science & math. But only 18% of college engineering majors are females.


It’s a call to all parents to inspire the minds of their little girls to feed their intellect – #InspireHerMind.




I’m a marketing strategist by day. Marketing and strategy are 2 things that I enjoy because they give me the chance to do what I do best: think, identify opportunities, and connect the dots. By night, I love to inspire people to think big. I truly believe and advocate that every individual has the potential to go beyond what he or she thinks they’re capable of.

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