Teto, a Latin American NGO recently came up with a brilliant ad campaign to help highlight the beyond poor living conditions of 16.2 million Brazilians. The harsh conditions that this stratum of people lived in, had generally become invisible to the rest of the nation and the world.

Therefore, Teto knew in order to address this problem, they needed to come up with an extraordinary campaign idea, and so they did through Invisigram! As the name suggests, this campaign, makes use of the popular social networking website Instagram; thus, Instagram become the tool for Teto to make the invisible, visible.

Teto asked a number of famous Brazilian celebrities to share a few pictures of the underprivileged Brazilians in order to portray the harsh reality of their lives, that had been easily ignored throughout. You can imagine the result of just a few pictures shared by these famous celebrities who tend to have no less than thousands of followers! The issue got the much deserving attention and donations from people across the world.

Learn more about this wonderful campaign through the Youtube video.



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