KFC’s Boneless Original Recipe makes you want to gulp down the chicken pieces right in the first go, and makes others wonder where did the bones go? Maybe you ate them along with the chicken!

The ad stars a guy (supposedly the father), and a bunch of teens sitting on the front porch enjoying a meal of KFC Boneless Original Recipe. They’re taking bites of the chicken pieces and eating them all up, without taking out the bones. This freaks the father out, who tries to play cool at first, but runs in the house concerned about the kids health, to complain to his wife about it. Oblivious to the fact that the new KFC Boneless Original Recipe contain no bones at all.

So gulp down as many as you can in one go, without worrying about choking yourself with a tiny piece of bone. Also the hassle of discarding the bones in your kitchen dustbin is something you should also not worry about.



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