Since last few years, Coca Cola has been ruling the viral scenario through creative guerrilla marketing campaigns. In fact, in order to connect with the audiences’ emotional side, they have been going crazy with tens of viral campaigns every year. It all started off with the Coke Happiness vending machine for them; and it doesn’t seem like they will stop doing that any time soon.

All this time the second biggest giant of the global cola industry, Pepsi, has been a silent observer. Or we can say that they haven’t been getting a chance to strike the iron at all because Coke has not been letting anyone take a break! Coca Cola’s consumer centric approach is ripening today, while Pepsi’s celebrity centric approach has always been an expensive avenue to invest in from a brand’s perspective.

Anyways. Don’t get me wrong guys, I don’t intend to trash Pepsi here. In fact I am glad that finally Pepsi is getting back in the game.

What is the The Pepsi Like Machine?

In actuality it is a vending machine that does not accept cash. Instead, people are asked to LIKE Pepsi’s Facebook page in order to get a free can of Pepsi. Quite impressive.

Just go to “” through your smartphone, connect with your Facebook account, like the page and voila! A can of free Pepsi!

The complete process is automated, and is a first of its kind. Pepsi & TBWA Belgium teamed up to execute this campaign and introduced the Like Machine at the Beyoncé concerts in Antwerp.

“That there are creative minds in Belgium is no secret. The Pepsi Like Machine is another good example of that,” adds Jan Verlinden, Marketing Director of PepsiCo, BeLux. Now it is possible, with a Facebook like, in real time, to get a can of Pepsi. “It’s a new way of sampling which provides us with information, so we can immediately start communicating with our target audience.”

Cheers to Pepsi & TBWA Belgium!


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