Surprise marketing can do wonders for a brand if done right. It is one of the many guerrilla marketing formats that allow marketers considerable freedom to innovate. And if done right and seeded well on the internet, it can lead to generating millions of views.

A great guerrilla marketing campaign was executed in order to promote an upcoming movie called “Carrie.” The marketing team planted a telekinesis prank in Snice Café, New York, by installing cables and hiring some kick ass actors to pull off the show.

After getting up and trying to walk past this girl sitting in the coffee shop, the guy bumps into her and spills her coffee over. This leads to the actors creating a freaky scene where it seems as if the girl has supernatural powers. As expected, the act shocked all the people present at the venue. In fact, I am sure it freaked out everyone who witnessed it.




The video was released on 8th October 2013, and has generated 48 million+ views already. Let’s talk ROI, should we?

A great guerrilla campaign, amplified on social media. If you saw something like this, what would your reaction be?


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