A recent television commercial for the latest Motorola phone, Moto X, features T.J. Miller as a lazy smartphone that does nothing unless you touch, tap or scroll them to your desired feature, doesn’t matter if you have greasy hands or soapy hands, a lazy phone would never play a song for you when you really want to listen to one unless you tap, touch or poke it.

The ad shows how annoying it can get when you cannot use your hands when your lazy phone would not perform the action that you really desire, unless you have the Moto X phone, latest of Motorola phone, that even performs an action on your voice command. So whether you are washing dishes in the kitchen when you wish to listen to your favorite song  or you are massaging your girlfriend’s back, you do not need to touch your phone again with greasy or dirty hands. But that’s only possible if you get a Moto X for yourself.



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