Muzna Waseem


Ever felt that you were seriously slacking off of tasks? Or how about moments when you felt at such a loss of motivation, that you succumbed to those barely working, short-term fixes? We’ve been there too. But worry not, because we’veĀ gathered around the most basic of the long-term fixing: theories of motivation. Motivation is described as a driving force or energy which pushes the individual to work towards the achievement of a goal. It is a product of a need’s demand for satisfaction in an individual. However, due to individual differences, the whole of the human race cannot benefit from just one method of motivation. And so, through decades of extensive research, many psychologist and theorists presented the world of modern psychology with different and varying motivation theories. These theories of motivation play a significant role in Motivational Psychology today. Categorization of Theories of Motivation Motivational theories are divided…