When you look for vision statement examples, you get to read some really interesting ones. A firm comes into existence for a purpose, and that purpose is either to make profits, generate revenue, provide a service or to work for the society’s welfare.

A vision statement declares the organization’s objectives as to what it plans to do and accomplish in the future. Simply put, it is the statement mentioning what a business intends to achieve in the long run. It helps in decision making for internal entities and in evaluating the business actions for external entities.

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A vision statement can be seen as a starting point for a broad strategic plan for the business. It is compulsory to understand that vision statements are not subject to changes.  In the due course of business as opposed to operational and tactical goals and strategies. Vision statements are not supposed to change regularly. They are not the goals to be met for each quarter or each year.

They are broad objectives of a business, for example, an electricity providing firm might have a vision statement saying that it intends “to become the most efficient energy provider of all times”.

Vision Statement Examples from around the World

Bill Gates foresighted to get a personal computer in each house and business when he started Microsoft.

Steve Jobs envisioned that “personal computers could be the next big thing on everyone’s wish list for the holiday season!”.

Elon Musk looks forward to getting the humankind travel to Mars and live there.

The visions of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are fulfilled quite successfully.  This is what makes them success stories, Elon Musk is still on his way to achieving his vision, and his company SpaceX is working tirelessly towards it.

Here are some current vision statement examples of popular brands:


1. “To create a better everyday life for the many people”-IKEA

IKEA, the furniture manufacturer, aims to provide the best quality products at the most affordable prices to their customers. By better everyday life for ‘the many people’, they mean to improve lives of not only their customers but everyone that is impacted by them and that includes the entire society, the suppliers, the workers and the customers. They are aiming to build a long-term supplier relationship, investing in technology and producing in high quantities. This is one of the best vision statement examples.


2. “to establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles while we grow.”-Starbucks

Another one of the very famous vision statement examples is of Starbucks. The famous café wants to achieve leadership in its market by not compromising on principles and ethics. They have been delivering according to their promise for years.

However, the ‘finest coffee in the world’ part is somewhat unconfirmed, mainly because it is a subjective issue. Some people find its coffee the best in the world, while others prefer Dunkin Donuts’ or McDonald’s coffee over it.

3. “to deliver top-tier financial performance over the long term by integrating sustainability into our business strategy, leaving a positive imprint on society and the environment.”-PepsiCo.

Good financial performance means to make good profits. However, the vision statement also emphasizes sustainability which shows that PepsiCo is very concerned about its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) too. PepsiCo believes in keeping the environment and the society safe from its operations, and it also believes in giving back to the society.

This CSR activity also helps their financial cause further. When stakeholders view the firm as a socially responsible one, they tend to invest more in the business, or customers buy more from the business.


4. “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”-Google

Our very loved search engine and a lifesaver, Google, also has one of the best vision statement examples. Google aims to make the world a faster and technologically advanced place. The main function of Google, its search engine, helps a person to get information from any part of the world, just at a click. Google makes our lives easy by providing a number of services just like the new Google assistant.


5. “Inspire the World, Create the Future”- Samsung

Samsung’s vision 2020 “Inspire the World, Create the Future”, plans to create a better and more technologically advanced world by providing more innovative products and services. Their goal is also to become a beloved brand by providing better and better quality products.

They also claim to be planning to diversify in new business areas such as healthcare and automotive electronics.


Advantages of Vision Statements

There are several benefits of having a clear vision statement, and we will be discussing a few of them here.


1. Gives you purpose

Vision statements provide a purpose of the organization to its employees. Employees can see what is their target and how they can function to achieve them, the organization and all the other stakeholders of the organization.

It also motivates the employees to work harder because they have an objective to work towards; they do not see their efforts going anywhere.


2.Unites the organization

Vision statement act as a unifying force for the entire organization as everyone is working towards a single objective, and everyone’s performance is related to each other. If everyone does their job effectively and efficiently, there is a higher chance of the organization becoming successful as opposed to if even any one person is not up to the mark.

This also instills the sense of belonging among the employees. They feel more valued when their output keeps an importance for the entire organization.


3. Helps in building a formal reputation

When you have a vision statement, you have a formal reputation in the market. The potential customers can see your vision statement feel impressed. There is a higher chance of customers buying from an organization with a vision statement than an organization without it.

Customers, suppliers and government authorities can see what the purpose of your organization is. The government authorities can grant subsidies to the firms. This can happen when firms are looking to provide more employment, generating more exports and indulging in more development.


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