Many people out there are looking for ways on how to earn money online, and one of the things that may always cross their mind is: how do Youtubers make money?

Youtube definitely looks like an attractive way of making money online. And there are several avenues of making money through YouTube.



How Do Youtubers Make Money?

Content creation has become a real money minting gig of the era, and one cannot (or should not) neglect that.

So how do Youtubers make money? Here’s your answer to feed your curiousity:


How Do Youtubers Make Money #1: Google Places Advertisements on Youtubers Videos

Most YouTubers earn an income by becoming content creators in the YouTube/Google Adsense program. This is Google’s Ad Network, that offers publishers and video content creators automated advertisements on their websites and videos.

To illustrate this, suppose you have a YouTube Channel related to sports, and you are trying to monetize your videos. YouTube then, automatically places advertisements related to sports and games as pre-roll ads or mid-roll ads. Google/YT may also monetize the video by displaying Google Ads on the Youtubers content.

Once the Youtuber has reached a particular number of subscribers and views, YouTube will start putting ads on his/her videos. The ad policy keeps evolving based on new measurements and demands by the advertisers, but the basic condition of improving the ad viewability to the user remains the most important one. For example, the viewer must view the advertisement for at least half the duration before skipping it.

Earlier, YouTube used to be lenient about its policies, but now it has stringent rules on monetization. And the rules will continue to get stricter to maintain good quality.

And hence, a Youtuber needs to prove the quality of his/her content before they ca get approved by Youtube for ad deals.

However, do note that there is no exact figure as to how much Youtubers make from a single ad view as it varies from channel to channel and viewer to viewer. However, an estimated CPM (or amount per 1,000 views) is considered to be $1.5 to $2.5 dollars.

This means that a video that gets a million views can get up to $1,500 to $2,500 dollars.

In recent months, Youtube has also started catching channels that try to use fraud techniques to increase their subscribers and views, to increase their revenue. So make sure to stay genuine if you go down this path. And DO NOT try to game the system.

Make sure you have an original idea, and you create videos that genuinely attract thousands of users to see your content.


How Do Youtubers Make Money #2: Sponsorships and Endorsements

A lot of Youtubers, especially beauty and tech video bloggers end up making a lot more money through sponsorship deals and endorsements that they do for a number of brands and companies.

Once a Youtuber starts getting popular, different brands may reach out to him or her to endorse their products for a cost. The cost the Youtuber can charge is usually dependent on the amount of followers and the total views and engagements that the Youtuber’s content generates.


How Do Youtubers Make Money #3: Be An Affiliate Marketer

Another way through which Youtubers make money, is through affiliate programs. From this method, Youtubers can double their income by partnering and signing up with affiliate networks.

Basically, affiliate marketing lets Youtubers review products by companies, that leads to generating sales for the company. In return, the partner company, or the affiliate program offers the Youtuber a commission for the goods or services they sold through their efforts.

For instance, take an example of What a Youtuber does is make a channel, and starts making videos that review specific products on Amazon. If people see his / her videos, and head over to Amazon to buy the reviewed products, Amazon will pay a commission to the Youtuber.

Once the Youtuber starts receiving a high number of views, the amount of money that can be made could be more than one makes in a job. So, this was another way of how YouTubers make money.


How Do Youtubers Make Money #4: Use Patreon to Make Additional Income

Another way YouTubers make money is by using Patreon – yes. it’s another website.

But, Patreon allows content creators to receive donations from viewers. In return, the viewers may get gifts, shout outs, or any other form of non-monetary rewards.

Unlike Youtube, this site gives you 90% of your entire donation share, which means earning in this way is not bad either. Mostly, Youtubers make more from Patreon rather than YouTube itself, which is why it seems to be quite a good alternative


Conclusion: Youtubers Making Money

To sum up, making money through Youtube is promising, but is not going to be easy. It will be a lot of hardwork, persistence and motivation to keep going. Hope you have a clearer idea of how YouTubers make money now.


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