How To Grow Followers on Snapchat

Before moving into your Snapchat’s content strategy, let’s figure out how should you start building a following. What’s the point of posting new content for 24 hours when no one will be there to see it?

Below are some ways to start getting active on the platform – and gradually build a following:

  • Start following users – and a lot of users may start following you back! There is a site called, where you find and add users through their snapcodes
  • Include your username / Snapcode in your emails, social network profiles and blogs to encourage people to add you
  • Run a contest on Snapchat and promote it on other social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), to encourage people to add you on Snapchat and perform an action for a chance to win
  • Keep creating content – even if you have a low number of followers – word of mouth with existing followers can go a long way
  • Save your Snapchat content and Snap Stories, and share them on other social networks. If the content is exciting, you’ll start gaining a following in no time. Don’t forget to use hashtags on other networks to encourage content discoverability
  • Try to collaborate with other slightly popular Snapchat users and create engaging content
  • To keep the engagement going, try to respond to, and connect with all your followers (only possible if you don’t have a massive following)


Snapchat Marketing Strategy for Business

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