Taking responsibility is a pretty demanding task, there is a lot in it that needs to be watched. It’s a long road towards the journey of happiness, and it has many hurdles as well. Many such obstacles make a person give up and not achieve the real pleasure. The first step towards achieving happiness and success is to start taking responsibility for your actions.

The following eight lessons might become a guideline for you and help you in becoming more of a responsible and open-hearted person. Follow them, and half of the obstacles in the journey of happiness will perish right away.

Accept It

Our ego and attitude doesn’t allow us to accept what we have done wrong. The inner self-knows that we are wrong, but we don’t want to take it because “why should I be the one who lets down”. For a moment, think the opposite way. Maybe if you just accept what you did wrong, the other person might not argue with you, and your one Sorry can bring everything back to normal.

I’m not saying to beg for a sorry when you are not wrong. But when your inner self is feeling wrong, then don’t feel any burden to say Sorry. In this way, one might show others that he is a mature person who is taking responsibility for his actions. There are chances that people think better of you. There is a chance that people say “Well! At least he is not afraid of taking responsibility for his actions”. Isn’t that a good thing to hear?

Stop With The Reasons

Put yourself in this situation. You have seen someone eating your chocolate bar from the fridge, and when you confront them, they reply “You didn’t write your name on it”. Won’t you be annoyed? How vague is this as a reason? Typically, most of us do present some vague reasons like this. Imagine if the person who had your chocolate answered like this, “Yeah I’m sorry. I was craving for it, and I will get it back to you”. There is a 90% chance that you would say,” It’s fine. You can have it. Just ask me next time before eating”. See the difference? No vague reasons? Everything sorted out decently.

When You Are Wrong, Then It’s Not About The Position

A man driving a Mercedes can be crazy and a man walking can be correct. When it comes down to taking responsibility, it’s not about the position. Many parents and many elders do this at times. They are wrong at times, and it’s pretty normal, but if a child does that, it’s a big issue. This should not happen. When it comes down to taking responsibility, you can be wrong, your senior can be wrong, and your junior can be wrong as well. Everyone has the equal chance. The position does not matter. Accept it, whether you are young or old.

Appreciate Positive Criticism

When someone has criticized you very frequently, you might think that the person is intentionally doing it to annoy you. However, if someone is not slamming frequently and just points you out at times in-person, then do take it as positive criticism.

Don’t always make it as a negative one. Don’t feel that the person hates you or is jealous of you. Maybe he wants your betterment. Also, don’t be demotivated. The person is trying to help you. Don’t look for his words. Look for the intentions. Once you start accepting positive criticism, you will not be afraid of taking responsibility.

Do As You Expect From Others

Do you think every person should take responsibility for their actions? Well, first, you need to apply this rule to yourself. Only then will you automatically feel and see that others are also doing the same.

Be The Change Yourself

Do you want to change anyone? Be the change yourself. The term “lead by example” is very relevant over here. If you think someone does not take responsibility for his actions, then be the change you wish to see in him. Probably by seeing you, the person tries to change himself.

Forgive Others

If you forgive others, you will have a good feeling. In return, you might also feel not to repeat the mistake done by anyone else, and you will also be eager to say Sorry if you have made an error. When you accept other people are taking responsibility, you will receive your response as well.

It’s Your Life

Always keep this in mind. It is all your life. What you do, you are responsible for it. You need to accept it either the easy way or the hard way. The hard way is by listening to taunts, and sarcastic remarks by others, whereas the easy idea is not to make everything right.


We now hope that taking responsibility becomes more comfortable for you. Follow the above eight lessons, and you will feel happy, healthy, and have a peace of mind.


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