Professional goals are the goals set by people relating to their professional lives. Professional goals examples can help you learn the practical way. The plan about where they want to be in the next few years, do they want to continue with the same profession or not? If they do, do they want to enrich their skills to increase their chances of getting better pay and working conditions? Professional goals are extremely important to set in this extremely competitive era. They decide whether you just go on in life and do whatever it has to offer you, or you create possibilities for yourself and lead a prosperous life. You can set professional goals and treat them as stepping stones for the eternal success in life.

Professional goals examples for marketers

Marketers are people whose duty is to market the products of the company where they work. There are several types of marketers including a salesman who goes door to door to market and sell the product, and an office marketer who markets products to other companies in a B2B (Business to business) interaction. Some of the professional goals examples for marketers are as follows:

Performance Goals

A marketer can set a goal to become prominent amongst all his/her colleagues by giving exceptional performance. He can do this by breaking records of successful marketing and sales to customers and setting high benchmarks for others to follow. Breaking records is not to be taken lightly, because usually employees are rewarded exceptionally well for providing such great performance.

Customer Satisfaction goal

Another one of the professional goals examples for marketers is to provide good quality customer satisfaction. This is achieved by providing quality before and after sales service to customers. These happy customers would in turn make repeated purchases from the company and might mention the marketer’s name in the remarks which would increase the marketer’s chances of getting better bonus and appreciation at work. Not only will the marketer’s physical needs be satisfied by this, but his esteem needs will be fulfilled too.

Better Customer Ratings

Another one of the very important professional goals examples for marketers is to get better customer ratings and remarks. Most of the companies now a days have an option for customers to rate their employees’ services and give remarks for them. A great example of this is Uber and Careem where customers rate every ride they take and provide feedback about the driver. Another example is of restaurants where customers can even notify who their favorite waiter was while they were using the restaurant’s services. Each marketer wants to have the best rating possible because their bonuses and rewards depend upon those ratings.

Boosting customer loyalty

Getting loyal customers for your company is one of the biggest achievements you can have while being a marketer. Therefore, it is one of the professional goals examples for marketers. Loyal customers do not only make repeated purchases overtime from your business, but they also ask the people they know to buy the products from your company, consequently, they improve your position over your competitors.

Examples of goals for work

Goals for work are those which you set to help you with your work. These are basically personal development goals which further help you do better at work in your respective fields. Some examples of goals for work are as follows.

  1. Having healthy relationships with people around you at the workplace is always a good thing. You can do better at your job if people around you are nice to you and have your back in case anything goes wrong.
  2. Knowing about worldly affairs is another goal a person has because it helps loads at work. Many business decisions are based on political affairs of the country and the economic conditions of the country.
  3. Another one of the examples of goals for work is enriching one’s skills by learning new things, getting more jobs and meeting new people. Enhancing one’s skills helps a person to get better jobs, working conditions, and reputation.

Career goals examples

Career goals are those goals which a person sets to achieve in his working career. It can be to reach a certain designation at a particular company or to gain a certain job at a certain company or to start your own business and so on. Career goals are extremely important as they act as stepping stones to a fulfilling career of a person. Some of the career goals examples are as follows:

Be the expert!

Everyone wants to become known as an expert in their field. Matt Lauer is one of the best news anchors, and he is an expert in what he did. Donald Bradman was, arguably, the best batsman the game of cricket has ever seen. Moreover, Tom Cruise is one of the best actors in Hollywood. Everyone wants to be like Matt Lauer, Donald Bradman and Tom cruise in their respective fields. This is one of the best career goals examples.

Be at the top rung of Management!

Having a management or leading responsibility is the career goal of many people. Many people like authority in their hands and they work well when they are in authority. The born leaders also know how to keep others working under them happy too which is extremely important for the business as the business will only flourish when each of its employees is giving their best.

Smart goals examples for work

Goals that get the label of smart, are the goals which are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. SMART is an acronym for these qualities of a goal. People want their goals to be SMART because these are the most efficient goals. Some smart goals examples for work are as follows:

  1. “Increase customer satisfaction from 30% to 70% in two years”. This goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.
  2. “Increase ABC Cola’s sales by 43% by the end of the year”. This goal is also specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.
  3. “Market the goods in supermarkets of 20 neighboring areas by the end of this quarter”. Again, this goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.




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