Talking about business through social media might sound a little out of place. We all have been guilty of wasting time on social media websites only to like random memes and stalk our ex(s). Every time you log into one of the social media websites, it seems like taking over an on-going process of liking and commenting on whatever pops-up on your newsfeed, and not to forget the random tweeting and the fact that squeezing in gazillion hashtags in a 140 word limit is nearly seen as a talent.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees such things as talent, like this Asian dad.

Asian Dad Facebook

But hey, social media is not all about getting spoilt and wasting all your time clearing jelly while playing Candy Crush Saga. In fact, working efficiently on social media networks may even get your budding business the kind of success that you have been dreaming of as a solopreneur.

Facebook and other social media networks can be a great tool to help build your company’s or your brand awareness and attract audiences of thousands towards your business. Advertising and publicity was never so easy! It is just about getting in that mindset where you realize that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+ is a place where you can actually interact with your potential customer!

Imagine logging in to your favourite website, literally for no cost at all, and earning valuable customers for your business. But, the question arises, how can you generate brand awareness through social media networks? First of all of course, it is a mindset game. You have to realize that you can build your personal brand image using these networks productively. Once you have that realization, you can use a few tricks below that might help you master the art of promoting your personal business as a solopreneur, freelancer or a small business owner:


Be ready to communicate!

One of the most important aspects of building your personal brand and generating social brand awareness is making the effort of being in touch with your networks: whether they are customers or potential customers. You have to be prompt and honest about your approach in which you interact with them.

The social media gives a variety of options for this purpose, like you can upload pictures and logos of yourself and your business to establish the your personal brand and the brand image of your business. Write wisely and communicate effectively with your networks online.  Don’t get into trolling comments and try to stay away from any heated arguments.  Moreover, do not just restrict yourself to Facebook wall posts or tweets on twitter, in fact explore more and better options of social media interactions. Engage with relevant people on Linked Groups through dialogues. You can also join Quora to gain authority on subjects you know. Give your audiences a variety of interaction options on social media options to access you information. However, this does not mean that you have to be present everywhere. You may skip irrelavant networks. For example as a B2B business, Instagram or Tumblr might not be relevant social networks for your businesses. Choose wisely and stick to them.


Break the Ice

Be ready to communicate with your audiences, do not just wait for them to come to you with queries or complains. Instead, make sure you ask your clients for feedback. Social media helps in reducing the communication barriers, so why not utilize them to the fullest to your advantage?


Add a personal touch to your business

While building your social brand awareness, don’t act like a lifeless robot from the days of Web 1.0. Make sure your audience knows who they are talking to. Add a few casual pictures of you working with your team mates, maybe partying or having lunch together. Make your audiences believe that the people behind your brand and business are human: just like them.

This will not only paint a better picture for your brand, but will also help you to increase the brand value of your personal brand as well as your business through social engagement.


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