Lending money is a trickier business than we regard it to be. Imagine a situation where you have to lend someone money, how would you react to the situation? If you know the person, you will feel slightly less worried. Why is that? That’s because you are aware of the person’s nature, financial standing, authenticity of the situation etc. Take this situation on an organizational level. Can an organization lend someone money, just like that? Umm, no, I don’t think so. As Forbes mentioned in one of its articles, it takes money to make money. Welcome to the 4 C’s of Credit! 4 C’s of Credit Basically, the 4 C’s of credit are a set of intelligently organized parameters that serve as a helping hand when making pivotal lending decisions. A financial and lending institution needs to determine whether a person’s situation is: authentic enough,previous financial record is normal,there is…