Johannesburg Zoo


At the Johannesburg Zoo, the Social Media Manager position had been vacant for quite sometime, and after a rigorous recruitment process, just the right candidate was selected for the position, the Zoo’s honey badger, BG! Most of you must be wondering, how can a Badger possibly take the position of the Social Media Manager at one of the most popular zoos of the world. Well, BG is not just an ordinary badger that likes to play around in the jungle but hides in the bushes, at the slightest glimpse of human beings. Instead, BG is a very social badger, he even has a twitter account! Don’t believe me? You should totally follow BG on his official Twitter account then, @zootweetslive BG loves twitter, no wonder his Twitter account is always coming up with cheesy comments for the visitors, and describing his everyday life at the Johannesburg Zoo. From the neighbouring…