Wendy’s slogan was last changed to “Deliciously Different” in 2016 according to Adage. Wendy’s story is one of the most inspiring ones in entrepreneurship anyone has ever heard. Dave Thomas, in 1969, opened a restaurant back in 1969 after he could not find a good place for hamburgers in Columbus. He decided to name is the Wendy’s restaurant after his 8 year old daughter Melinda Lou, also known as Wendy. Time went on, and with it, Wendy’s became ever more popular the United States – to a point that there would probably be a person who has not heard of Wendy’s. However, do you think it was just good food that made Wendy’s so popular? Well, Wendy’s slogans had had a major part to play in their marketing efforts. Why Wendy’s Slogans Are Spot On? As we all know, a slogan is meant to be 3 things: small, easy to…