Having access to a powerful keyword research and competitor research tool is a must for every online marketer. SEMRush is one such tool that ticks all the boxes. Realizing the need to educate fellow marketers, we’ve put together this SEMRush review to help them make an informed decision.

One of the most common struggles faced by most bloggers and marketers is to create the perfect balance. A balance between publishing high-quality content vs optimizing it with the right keywords. Because, let’s face it, we all want our pieces of content to rank at the top. In all search engines. Especially, Google.

And the best way to do this is by leveraging the power of right keywords. In this post, we’re covering a detailed SEMRush review. This will help you analyze how you can create that perfect balance.

However, creating the perfect balance between content and keywords can become quite a daunting task. Especially that now, we are now living in an era of cloud computing where a variety of Internet tools have emerged.

Most tools are now artificially intelligent. And are capable of performing tasks through machine learning and artificial intelligence. With the introduction of tools similar to SEMRush, a marketer can achieve domain ranking targets. And SEMRush is great SEO tool that leads the pack (its competitors).

Ask yourself! What is the point of writing good quality content? Getting a maximum number of people to read it. And benefit from it.

And to make that possible, a good keyword strategy is vital. A keyword strategy that helps rank your content on leading search engines. A good keyword strategy is implemented by using high potential keywords in your content. Keywords that are not very competitive in your niche, and will help you rank quickly.

To find the right keywords, a marketer requires a great keyword research tool. And SEMRush competitors don’t come any closer to what it has to offer.

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Before we get into the details of this SEMRush review and highlight its features, let us get on with understanding why SEMRush maybe one of the best keyword research tools that you may have ever used.


Why Choose SEMRush Instead of Other Keyword Research Tools?

Now, just like us, you might also be wondering, what’s the whole point of considering this specific tool, right?! We believe SEMRush tool offers you a number of features that are less likely being offered by other keyword research tools on the market.

How is that possible?

Because with SEMRush you can easily learn:

  • Ways to rank up on different search engines without dropping position
  • How many people are searching in specific niche based markets
  • The number of websites that are linking back to a specific site
  • What content ideas are the best and relatively trending in the market
  • How much traffic you and your competitors’ website is getting
  • Whether or not, if there are any pre-existing site technical issues

No wonder, you want your domain to stand out among the competition and to do so, you need to rank your website up over the Internet. SEMRush is one tool that offers you some state-of-the-art strong features that can ultimately set your online brand stand apart from the competition.

You want your online brand to become prominent, and we believe SEMRush has something in store for you.  


SEMRush Pricing

Now, you can either resort to go purchase individual SEO tools for a site audit, analytics, keyword research, and rank tracking and it may cost a bit heavy on your pocket. But, the case is a whole lot different with SEMRush.

If this your first time purchasing of SEMRush tool, then our personal recommendation is to start with the Pro Package as it is more than reasonable and feasible. It helps you get into the world of SEO analytics so you can begin your venture with the combat specialists on the market.

The Pro package is available for only $99/month, but you can sign-up through our referral link for a 7-day free SEMRush trial.


SEMRush Trial: Sign Up for a 7-day Free Trial


SEMRush Review: Drilling it Down to 4 Core USPs 


Get Yourself a Complete Website Audit

You have done an incredible job on your blog post, yet you wonder why it does not rank on the search engines. Your agenda was to create a sound traffic on your piece, but the only sound you hear on your blog are the chirps from crickets. What a bogus! If only you knew where the problem is in order to fix your website up. And if you had a tool that performed a complete analysis of your website and identified all underlying SEO issues.

If you don’t want your head stuck between broken links, nofollow attributes, and duplicate content, then make use of the SEMRush complete website audit tool.

You will get a detailed analysis report on what SEO implications your website observes and which SEO practices can be best applied in order to resolve them.  


Perform High-Quality Keyword Research & Effectively Position Them

Who doesn’t want keywords to be placed in a manner that it boosts SEO ranking of published content on their website? With SEMRush keyword research tool you can explore a wide range of keywords.

Some keywords are highly competitive, while other keywords are low competitive in nature. With SEMRush, you can research a number of combinations of short tail and long tail keyword phrases which promises to rank your content. All you have to do is mix and match them with your published piece on the Internet.

Isn’t every other tool on the market already providing me with that option? Yes, but SEMRush tool’s keyword research tool has a bit more in store for its customers. Each keyword optimized using the SEMRush tool comes with a position tracking feature.

For example, if a certain keyword is not performing good in your location, SEMRush will allow you to explore in which particular region your keyword is a high ranking element based on its location-specific search engine result. All you have to do is rank your content in that particular country in order to gain traction on your website.  


Perform Deep Competitor Research (Address Various Attributes)

Monitoring network traffic is as important as opening routes for traffic to visit your website. The Internet is full of tools that can help you monitor network traffic in real-time.

But, is that understanding the network flow of your own traffic enough? Not particularly.

To make your online website a blooming success, you need insight into your competitors. While tools like Alexa and SimilarWeb can give you an overview of your competitors’ traffic volume, SEMRush has a bit more to offer you than just an overview.

With SEMRush keyword research tool, you can uncover a lot of things such as identify competitive backlinks, get a sneak peek in your competitors well performing organic keywords, their website’s respective search volume and obviously the amount of traffic it observes.

The tool further extends its courtesy and offer users an insight into competitors advertising strategy. With SEMRush tool, you can check out important attributes such as PPC marketing budgets, CPC estimations, Ad copies, and trends.

Apart from that, SEMRush also offers you a domain comparison tool which allows you to get a much deeper insight into how your domain is performing on specific keywords and other discussed attributes.


Acclaim a Suite of Interesting Branding Tools

SEMRush offers you a number of tools so you can keep an eye out on your brand reputation. It helps you observe different social media channels and brand reviews in order to assess where your brand stands within different communities.

But, here’s what makes SEMRush altogether more interesting…

You can do the same for other brands which are competing you. If you use the tools tactfully, you can easily learn how your competitors are promoting their respective brands and which social media channels are working out best for them. When you get such kind of liberty in research, then why the hell not!

SEMRush can become your one-stop SEO shop for all.


A Complete Insight on the Analytics Tools offered by SEMRush

SEMRush just like any other major SEO suite of tools. It is a platform that offers a number of tools for search marketing analysis and planning. Here are some of the widely recognized analytics features on SEMRush.




  • Display Advertising Analytics – This tool shows a list of advertisers and publishers which are ranking contents in Google search network on your specific keyword. You can analyze which ads are profitable for your niche and can reach out to new publishers as well.
  • Advertising Research Analytics – It provides you a complete insight into ad campaigns run by your competitor and are significantly becoming popular across the Internet.
  • Video Advertising Analytics – With the rise in video marketing, SEMRush has introduced a separate detailed analytic tool for video advertising. It pulls information from reliable video streaming platforms and provides a complete insight to users on video ads.
  • Organic Keyword Research Analytics – This tool, in particular, allows you to search out the best keyword that is trending. It also helps you find out new competitors on the market and monitor their rankings.
  • Complete Backlink Analytics – It provides you a detailed analysis on whether a backlink coming to your platform is helpful or harmful for your website. It further helps you to study the nature of content through which the backlink is established.
  • Social Media Analytics – It contains detailed information on all relevant ad campaigns which have performed interactively and earned significant organic traffic on social media.


Other Interesting Features

While analytical tools hold a significant value in the world of Search Engine Optimization, SEMRush does not stop there. It goes a bit further by offering a few other important features.

  • Position tracking – SEMRush position tracking feature allows the user to monitor the search rankings nationally and internationally. Whether, you monitor your own website or the website of a competitor, position tracking assist you in achieving both.
  • Domain Comparison Tool – With SEMRush, you can analyze two different domains and check out which of them is performing better.
  • Measure KD (Keyword Difficulty) – You can easily measure your specified keywords difficulty based on numerous factors such as search volumes, cost, and competition. Arbitrate and reiterate how two competitors are going head on with each other. Compare results and make your judgment call!


SEMRush Review: The Wrap Up

In a nutshell, we believe that SEMRush is one of the best keyword research suites on the market. Not many (or any) SEMRush competitors stand a chance.

From analytics to social media monitoring, it contains every single tool that can help you identify mentions, reviews and links back to them.

Similar to SEMRush, one other tool that has gained amazing traction among the audiences is Ahrefs. We have previously covered a complete walkthrough on Ahrefs amazing keyword explorer in an Ahrefs review.


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