14 Clarks Shoe Company Slogans Over the Years

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(Last Updated On: March 19, 2017)

Clarks, a well known show company, is known for popularizing the desert boot in the mid-1900s – and they’ve used a number of slogans over the years.

The desert boot is a variant of the chukka boot that went on to become one the most popular boots, and is still a trendy wardrobe item for men as well as for women.




Vintage Clarks Slogans

Clarks has come with a number of slogans over the years in their advertising. Here are some vintage slogans by Clarks Show Company:

  1. You can’t stand on good looks alone
  2. It’s smart to be comfortable
  3. It’s smart to be practical
  4. A show with a history [Desert boot slogan]
  5. The original desert boot [Desert boot slogan]
  6. It was a good year [Desert boot slogan]
  7. When you’re on your foot all day
  8. I’d be better to buy yourself some Clarks.




Some of the more recent Clarks slogans:

  1. Stand tall. Walk.
  2. Step in the right direction.
  3. For all the places you’ll go.
  4. Shoes you can really live in.
  5. The world needs Originals.
  6. First shoes [Clarks toddlers shoes]



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