Have you been a high school, college or a university student (or are one right now)? If yes, then you’ve probably witnessed a student council, school elections, or any other sort of politics at your school. This is the first step in the world of elections that comes with a lot of excitement. Its exciting because this is the first time to be actually doing something that matters. It is a good start. And talking of good starts, school campaigning has not changed much in the last hundred years. You still need great high school or student council campaign slogans in order to make it through the election time.

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High school or student council slogans might not seem like a big deal once you leave school. But they can make or break a deal, when you’re in those heated moments of winning, or supporting a team to win.

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5 High School Campaign Slogans

Whether you are looking to reminisce about times gone by or are simply looking for some inspiration for your own high school campaign slogans, we’ve compiled a few of good ones.

You’ll notice how people try to be creative when coming up with slogans. One of these is inspired by the popular song “Call Me Maybe?”

  • I’m not asking you to vote for me. I’m just asking you to tick the box next to my name – [Insert Your Name]
  • Morning to do list: Brush Teeth, Make Bed, Get Ready for the day, Vote for [Insert Your Name]
  • Vote for [Insert Your Name]! Abraham Lincoln could probably have done a better job, but he is a little indisposed for now
  • Hey, I just met you and this is crazy! But here’s my poster… So vote for me, maybe? [Insert Your Name] for Treasurer!
  • Why is Grumpy cat so grumpy? He did not vote for [Insert Your Name].

While the above high school campaign slogans might appeal you, they can be made more impactful when paired with powerful and relevant imagery or poster. For example, include a picture of the grumpy cat (a lot is available on the internet) along with the Grumpy Cat slogan, and you have a powerful marketing message.

Or include a top hat with the Lincoln student council slogan(s)?

The best part about high school campaign slogans is: there are hardly any restrictions. It’s a good learning playground if you’re interested to go towards politics in your future years.

Simply put forward something creative and make a poster. As long as it catches the attention of people, you are good to go.

Student Council Campaign Slogans Should Be Respectful

However it’s very important to be respectful when coming up with campaign slogans and ideas. It’s also a good strategy to ensure your slogan is not coming across as racist, stereotypical or sensitive to someone.

20 More Student Council Campaign Slogans / High School Campaign Slogans

From pop culture references to video games, everything can be found in the good old high school campaign slogans. Take your pick and be creative

  1. You mean you DID NOT vote for [Insert Your Name]?
  2. I don’t run very often, but when I do, it’s for PRESIDENT – [Insert Your Name] 4 President
  3. Vote [Insert Your Name] for Vice President – She has all the right Koalifications
  4. I mustache you a question – Will you vote for me? [Insert Your Name] for President
  5. Don’t trash your vote – Choose [Insert Your Name]
  6. Vote for [Insert Your Name] for VP – Thor has spoken
  7. Justin is your man in a zombie apocalypse. Vote for [Insert Your Name]
  8. Bright Idea – Vote [Insert Your Name] for Class President
  9. Mirror Mirror on the Wall. Who is the best Vote for them all? [Insert Your Name] for President!
  10. Made you LOOK! Vote for [Insert Your Name]
  11. Victoria’s real secret –  She Voted for [Insert Your Name]
  12. This little piggy chose [Insert Your Name]
  13. [Insert Your Name] – the ‘write’ choice for secretary
  14. Like baseball? Throw your vote to [Insert Your Name]
  15. When put to the test, I will be the best – Vote [Insert Your Name] for Treasurer
  16. We like [Insert Your Name], yes we do! We will vote for her, and so should you
  17. Wanted [Insert Your Name] for Secretary. Reward – A Great Year!
  18. Vote [Insert Your Name]! Just Do it
  19. If You are reading this, vote for [Insert Your Name]
  20. I’m the missing Piece, vote for me – [Insert Your Name]

While these high school campaign slogans may seem great, remember, it is up to you to make a better one.

After all, the best ones are original and show what YOU are capable of doing. Highly recommended not to copy a slogan, though you can if you want to. But really figure out a unique trait in your personality, and identify why you’re running for student elections.

Once you do, you’ll be a step closer to making the best slogan for your If you’re running for the top seat in your student council, make a creative slogan and show your school why they should vote for you.


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