A marketing ad can change, but a brand positioning statement cannot. In this article, you will find the best brand positioning statement examples of 2020, but before that let’s explore a little about brand positioning.

Brand Positioning Statement

Your brand positioning statement gives a clear picture of your business to your audience, tells them what you do, who your target audience is, and what benefits you are offering to your target audience.

Even though a brand positioning statement is small, but it leaves a huge impact on the people. Many times, customers remember you by that statement – it’s all about how you market it.

Crafting a brand positioning statement takes a lot of effort as you need to be accurate in this area. If you want your customers to understand in a glance what your business is about, then writing a clear and effective positioning statement is a start. We have summed up all the best brand positioning examples of 2020 to inspire you to write an amazing brand positioning statement for your business as well.

Here are the 7 Brand Positioning Statement Examples

Before starting with the examples, always remember that you can change your marketing campaigns, your taglines, etc. but you cannot change your brand positioning statement. When you start to write one for your business, make sure it completely reflects what you do.


“You above All”

Getting the best flying experience is very important for everyone, no matter if you travel one time or more often in a year or so. JetBlue believes in making it possible for its customers by giving them extra perks for free. It shows that the company is focused on its mission of giving its customers the utmost satisfaction.

Walt Disney World

“Where Dreams Come True”

If you are a fan of Disney, then this statement will reflect on your every fantasy of visiting Disney World. It is not just a statement, but a reality that you will witness at the Walt Disney World.


“No Foo-Foo. Just Great Food”

Chipotle is one of the best food chains that deal with nutritious food as visible in all of its marketing campaigns. They do not make any false promises to their customers, which is one of their best qualities.

JW Marriott

“That’s the JW Treatment”

JW Marriott is a hotel and resort chain that offers incredible travel experience to their customers. The confidence in their statement totally reflects the billion-dollar experience you will get at their hotels.

Coca Cola

“Taste the Feeling”

Being one of the oldest in the market, Coca Cola is one of the best beverages that you can taste. All of their marketing campaigns are filled with dances, positivity, music, and whatnot. It is a refreshing experience overall.


“Think Different”

Apple has maintained its brand position in the market as being different than its competitors. The company always stood out in the market with its tech advancements and the launch of new products.

Whole Foods

“America’s Healthiest Grocery Store”

Positioning one’s self as the best means extra efforts to stand by it. For the same reason, the company is always striving to serve its customers in the healthiest way.


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