Coming up with argumentative speech topics can be challenging if you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy confrontation of any kind. Nonetheless, you have spent a lot of time in coming up with and writing those argumentative essay topics in your English class.

And you’re possibly beyond the amateur level (it’s just our wild guess). And we’ll also assume that you have also gotten pretty good at writing about the argumentative topics your teacher or instructor assigns you.

But, unfortunately when it comes to selecting your own topic, you go blank.

You honestly have no clue related to what you should be writing on or what topic you should select. Scrolling through different lists online, but still no success. And especially if you are like most people who run away from even the closest thought of having arguments to prove your point.



How to Write An Argumentative Essay?



The fact is that there are tons and tons of argumentative essay topics available, not that there aren’t any to choose from. It is just that at times you start over thinking, exerting your mind wondering the value of the topic you are about to choose. That is it really that good of a argumentative essay topic? Or is it too cliche? Has it already been picked up by another student? Maybe, it’s just not that good to write about.

There is a very high chance that all you have to do is relax and look for a topic you are passionate enough about, and obviously something that you can debate over! Even if someone else has selected the same topic as yours, you might have a completely different point of view to theirs.



Why Choose An Argumentative Topic?

Do not fret, the name of the essay- argumentative literally elaborates it very well. It is definitely very easy to write on a topic that most people would generally agree on. But that is not the point when it comes to finding and writing argumentative essay topics.

It is necessary to choose debatable argumentative essay topics. Don’t run away from taking a stand. It is for educational purposes. Opposing points need to be present, which can be countered with your own points.

The world is not just black and white. There are a lot of areas that are in the grey. In a way, that is a good thing because you will have a lot of different topics to decide from, since there are countless ones.


Good Argumentative Essay Examples

When it comes to writing an argumentative essay, the main reason behind it is to convince someone. Make them agree with what you have to say, or whatever your opinion is. Although, make sure that everything you prove as an evidence should be based on authentic researches.

Writing on argumentative essay topics is considered to be a skill that every individual in a school should be knowing about. Moreover, it can be very useful when it comes to being outside the class as well. With today’s common core values and standards, having the skill of writing an essay that argumentatively proves your point to be valid is a skill of its own. It should also be a very important part of one’s education.

All you have to do is select very solid argumentative essay topics to work with. Create an outline of the argumentative essay topics you would be writing on, revise it thoroughly and polish it before you will be turning it in. That way, you can correct every error and mistake that you might have missed out while writing. It is worth checking a few argumentative essay topics samples, so that you have a good clue on how to go about it and how the things really work. There would be a lot to learn from what others have already written.

As you will be going through the examples of the argumentative essay topics, you will notice that a specific structure is present in most of them. It is better to go on with the structure when you choose a topic.

Good topics are generally better because they are easier and more interesting to defend.They should be fairly able to fit into the outline of your argumentative essay topics. it should be something that could be written on without needing to research ridiculously. Knowing everything about the topic is not really that necessary, but having some basic knowledge about is is. It will help you a lot when you would go on writing about it.

It is ideal to select an interesting argumentative essay topic to write on and work with. Something that would keep your words fresh and on point.

To make that easier for you, here is a list of some very interesting argumentative essay topics to write on.


Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

Every best asked question has no answer, and for obvious reasons, most argumentative essay topics do not either. They will always bring up conflicting options.

  1. Does smoking help you in making friends?
  2. Is the first impression always the last one?
  3. Should students be adding their teachers on social media?
  4. Conflicts make up a relationship healthy?
  5. Should it be mandatory to have lecture attendance?
  6. Is the concept of business ethics an oxymoron and obsolete?
  7. Companies should be copying their competitors?
  8. Should energy drinks be banned permanently?
  9. Will businesses learn if they had a customer complain?
  10.  China is a superpower?

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should education be free for every student?
  2. Why are most US citizens becoming fat?
  3. Students should have limited access to the internet
  4. Young people should be given the right to choose in military
  5. Disciplines should be optional for every student
  6. What advantages are offered to the international students in the USA educational system
  7. What secondary language is worthy of studying?
  8. In today’s time, has education been made commercial?
  9. Is academic grading helpful currently?
  10. Are tests like ACT and SAT worth it?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. US and Russian government should prevent World War III
  2. Public school policies should be changed
  3. Gun control can effectively control crime?
  4. Should same sex marriages be forbidden by the government?
  5. Countries that have the highest level of corruption
  6. What are the pros and cons of Monarchy?
  7. Are a few political authorities involved in illegal activities
  8. Should physically disabled people be selected by the government?
  9. Is it an art or born talent to be a politician?
  10. The society is becoming over regulated?

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. In the real world, would Batman be in law?
  2. 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional, 4 dimensional, what’s more to come?
  3. Can a chip really control humans, just like in the sci-fiction movies?
  4. What should be the punishment of graffiti art, since it is illegal?
  5. Should marijuana be illegal?


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