Thanks to technology, using passive income apps to make money doesn’t sound like a far-fetched idea anymore. In fact, there are tons of apps that’ll help you achieve your goal of earning a couple of extra dollars at the end of the month. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like making quick money from home?

To save you from scams and unrealistic promises, we’ve compiled a list of reliable passive income apps to make money.

Ways to Earn Passive Income: Passive Income Apps

Contrary to popular belief, looking up ways to earn passive income isn’t lazy, it’s actually a pretty smart move. The following passive income apps are designed to help you earn money with minimal effort on your end. This’ll give you time to concentrate on more productive tasks or pick up a new side gig.

Here are a couple of passive income apps that you can start with:

1.     Ibotta

This might sound too good to be true but Ibotta is a free app that lets you earn cash rebates when you’re grocery shopping.

So here’s how it works. Simply check out the shopping list displayed on Ibotta’s app before you go grocery shopping. You can earn rebates on insanely inexpensive staples such as bread, eggs, frozen veggies, apples, and milk. What’s best is that you don’t have to stick to a particular brand to earn rebates.

However, you can earn extra cash on national brands such as Pampers Diapers, Seventh Generation and Ragu. What’s best is that you can earn extra cash using team rebates. So if your team gets together and continues to save more, you can a bonus every month.

2.     SavvyConnect

SavvyConnect is an app designed by the trusted (and well established) survey site called SurverySavvy. To earn money, all you have to do is download the app, which is completely free, by the way. Once that’s taken care of, the app will collect information from your phone, basically your browsing and online shopping history for its behavioral research program.

The key advantage of using SavvyConnect is that you’ll be paid monthly for simply using the internet for browsing, shopping and downloading. You may also participate in additional paid research opportunities that earn extra.

You can download the app on a maximum of 3 devices including your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or even Kindle.  And since each device earns a minimum of $5, you can earn at least $15 every month or $180 a year worth of passive income. You can further earn a couple of extra dollars by inviting your friends to download the app.

As far as the downsides are concerned, you can only receive payment in checks and can’t connect the app to your PayPal account. So if that isn’t a convenient payment option, you ought to look for a better way to earn passive income.

3.     Screen Stash

Did you know that you could get paid for turning your app into a billboard? Well, not literally but it follows the concept. Screen Stash is a cool passive income app that lets you earn a couple of bucks for simply placing an ad on your lock screen. Unlike other apps, you’ll be paid whether you engage with the application or not. While the payout isn’t a lot, earning $5 isn’t a bad deal, especially since you don’t have to do anything.

However, you can increase your payouts by saving extra points. You’ll earn 250 points for simply downloading the application.

4.     MobileXpression

Now you’ve probably heard about how companies collect data and use this information to manufacture products and improve their services accordingly. Well, that’s exactly what MobileXpression does. This super cool app lets you win exciting Amazon gift cards ranging from $5 to $25 in exchange for consumer insight.

This app is available for both Android and iPhone users. Plus, unlike other apps that tend to make false claims, you’re guaranteed to win rewards. In fact, some users have reportedly won Samsung TVs and GoPros.

Rest assured, by the app records information such as your internet browsing or purchasing history, it won’t collect any personal information.

5.     Media Insiders

Media Insiders works just as well as any other passive income app on this list. Similar to MobileXpression, this app tracks your browsing history. It also has a special feature to track TV programs that you’ve been watching for a couple of extra bucks.

You can earn $5 a month by installing Media Insiders. Since users can users can install the app on a maximum of three devices at a time, you can make at least $15 a month. This isn’t a bad deal considering you don’t have to do anything.

Once you’ve earned $5, you can cash out your points for payments such as Amazon gift cards or Paypal.

6.     Shop Tracker

This is practically one of the coolest apps to make money. Shop Tracker is among the most reputable public opinion applications out there. This eliminates the risks of scams and other problems people might experience while downloading applications. All you have to do is download the app and share your Amazon purchase history.

But before you start, you’ll need to answer a couple of questions about your Amazon account. This will determine whether you’re eligible. If you qualify, you will receive a gift card of $3 in the next 48 hours. To earn an additional $3 each month, share your Amazon purchase history with the app.

Rest assured, the app is perfectly safe to use and won’t misuse any of your private information.


Passive Income Apps to Make Money: Ending Note

Earning passive income doesn’t have to be complicated. Give it a try with these passive income apps!

Is there something we’ve missed out? Tell us about your favorite passive income app in the comments below.


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