Carl Jung deeply supported Freud, since they shared similar interests in unconsciousness, just like him. Jung was an active member of the Wednesday Psychological Society, currently known as Vienna Psychoanalytic Society. Requested by Freud, Carl Jung became the president of International Psychoanalytic Society when it was formed in 1910.

Moreover, in 1912, Jung criticized Freud’s theory of Oedipus complex and infantile sexuality during a lecture tour of America. This incident developed a conflict between the two, splitting them beyond repair. After this, Jung developed his own version of the psychoanalytic theory.

Most of his assumptions related to his analytical psychology make his differences with Freud very evident. For instance, Jung agreed to the fact emphasized on by Freud that one’s childhood and past deeply determine his behavior in future, and also that all individuals are shaped by their future aspirations.

Jungian Psychology

Jung observed those areas of the mind that comprise of psyche. The way they influenced each other in. He proved a difference between our persona- the image we present to the world of ourselves with our shadow which may consist of repressed thoughts and hidden anxieties.

He also proved a relationship between collective unconsciousness and personal unconsciousness. Personal unconsciousness comprises of a person’s personal ideas and memories. However, collective unconsciousness is a set of ideas and memories, shared among all of humanity.

Described as archetypes by Jung, shared concepts permeate our collective unconsciousness and evolve as characters and themes in our dreams.

Jung believed that internal conflicts can be created if there is a difference between one’s thoughts in personal subconscious and conscious. Jung claimed that these internal conflicts can be resolved, by letting repressed ideas emerge, instead of destroying them. Thus, giving rise to internal harmony through “individualization”.

In this article, we will not only look at the psychoanalysis theories and his archetypes, but also Carl Jung’s quotes that would make you ponder over a lot of things. Let us see how modern psychology has been influenced by his ideas.

Jungian Archetypes

Archetypes are basically thoughts and images that have a universal meaning across several cultures, showing up in dreams, art, literature and religion.

Jung strongly emphasizes on the fact that symbols of different cultures are mostly similar since they have evolved from archetypes shared by the entire race of humans. According to Jung, one’s past is primitively the basis of human psyche. Influencing and directing personal behavior. Jung identified several archetypes but paid attention to only four.


The persona, or let’s say is our face that we show to the world. Concealing our true selves in front of the human race, is described as “Conformity” by Jung. A disguise that we show in front of others, which is completely different from who we truly are.

Anima/ Animus

A mirror image of our sex that is defined biologically. Elaborating it further, it is the unconscious feminine side of a male, and the masculine side of a female. These sexes manifests ones behavior and attitude, for the two species have been living together for several centuries. Animus- psyche of a woman containing masculinity. Anima- male psyche containing female aspects.


The animal side of every individual’s personality. The source of both our creativity and destruction. It may be that this theory of Jung’s might reflect predispositions, which once survived in line with the evolutionary theory.


Then there is self which gives us the sense of unity in experience. According to Jung, every person’s aim is to achieve a state of self-hood ultimately. Respecting this, he is moving towards the direction of human orientation.

Well, these would be very evident if you go through Carl Jung’s Quotes. For Carl Jung’s Quotes are basically a reflection of his theories.

Following are a few Carl Jung Quotes

Carl Jung Quotes

These insightful Carl Jung quotes would make you think intellectually

Inspirational Carl Jung Quotes

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.

Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling.

Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries.

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.

Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.

It all depends on how we look at things, and not on how things are in themselves. The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it.

Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol, morphine or idealism.

Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

Insightful Carl Jung Quotes

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.

Neurosis is always a substitute for legitimate suffering.

The reason for evil in the world is that people are not able to tell their stories.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

The healthy man does not torture others – generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers.

Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their environment and especially on their children than the unlived life of the parent.

Midlife is the time to let go of an over dominant ego and to contemplate the deeper significance of human existence.

Intuition does not denote something contrary to reason, but something outside of the province of reason.

The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.

The highest, most decisive experience is to be alone with one’s own self. You must be alone to find out what supports you, when you find that you can not support yourself. Only this experience can give you an indestructible foundation.

Faith, hope, love, and insight are the highest achievements of human effort. They are found -given- by experience.

The greatest tragedy of the family is the unlived lives of the parents.

Where love rules, there is no will to power, and where power predominates, love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other.

The first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego, the second half is going inward and letting go of it.

I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.

If one does not understand a person, one tends to regard him as a fool.

Children are educated by what the grown-up is and not by his talk.

Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.

Loneliness does not come from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.

In each of us there is another whom we do not know.

Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event.

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

Spiritual Carl Jung Quotes

The best political, social, and spiritual work we can do is to withdraw the projection of our shadow onto others

The gods have become our diseases.

I am no longer alone with myself, and I can only artificially recall the scary and beautiful feeling of solitude. This is the shadow side of the fortune of love.

Nobody can fall so low unless he has a great depth. If such a thing can happen to a man, it challenges his best and highest on the other side; that is to say, this depth corresponds to a potential height, and the blackest darkness to a hidden light.

Explore daily the will of God.

With a truly tragic delusion, these theologians fail to see that it is not a matter of proving the existence of the light, but of blind people who do not know that their eyes could see. It is high time we realized that it is pointless to praise the light and preach it if nobody can see it. It is much more needful to teach people the art of seeing.

The majority of my patients consisted not of believers but of those who had lost their faith.

There are as many nights as days, and the one is just as long as the other in the year’s course. Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word ‘happy’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.

Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.


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