Students are always encouraged to set goals while they are about to graduate. They need to set goals about what they want to achieve in their lives, in what direction do they want to take their careers and what profession do they want to choose. These all things require setting up of career goals. There are numerous career goals examples from which you can decide on one.

Types of Career Goals

Career goals are set by everyone who wants to be successful in the careers they desire to choose. Career goals are of two types: long-term career goals and short-term career goals. Long-term career goals help broadly in what a person wants to achieve in life at the end. On the other hand, short-term career goals help in the achievement of long-term goals; they are benchmarks which they have to achieve in a certain time to move closer and closer to the long-term career goals.

Career goals are extremely important to set because they give a destination to the people for which they need to go. It also acts as a motivator to work harder, because a person can see what he will be able to achieve in the end if he keeps on doing what is needed. Moreover, when people have clear goals to work towards, it gets easy to work and improvise in several situations.

Career Goals Examples for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs’ main objective most of the time is to make profits, so they need to work towards revenue generation and cost minimization. Moreover, they should even look for alternative ways to make revenue and earn profits other than the primary business itself.

  1. Time is the greatest of the assets

Time is much more important than we can possibly imagine it is. One of the career goals examples is to save as much time as possible and invest it in profitable activities. Time is one of the greatest assets and wasting it can be detrimental for you. Moreover, if you feel that you are doing something for someone repeatedly without any fees, you are giving your services, at which you are good, for free. You must start charging fees for your services, because this will not only help you earn extra money, but it will even save much of your time as less people would now attain charged services.

  1. Health is wealth

The very cliché phrase ‘health is wealth’ is not a myth; it is actually real. If you take good care of your health, you will be able to work and earn money, otherwise, you will work half-heartedly or do not work at all leading to low or no revenues. Entrepreneurs want money more than any one else, so they need to take good care of their health. Health and productivity are positively related (directly proportional), so if the health is not good, so will be the productivity and hence, the revenue. Being healthy is not just related to eating healthy food; it is related to doing exercise, yoga, going for a jog, listening to music, doing what you like, indulge in recreational activities and so on. An entrepreneur needs to take some time off from the busy schedule and divert his/her mind away from work to give some rest to the mind. So, another one of the career goals examples is to stay healthy.

  1. Investment is key

Investment is not wasting money, but it is to spend money on something that can reap benefits in the future worth more than what the thing is worth. Investing in personal help is a great help which can increase an entrepreneur’s productivity. An example is to hire a personal secretory to handle the time table, courier things, schedule appointments and so on. A personal secretory can save much of the person’s time, because of the amount of work the secretory does. Moreover, investment can be made in tools needed to do the work.


For example, an advanced printer which prints things much faster and accurately than the older model printer. Who other than an entrepreneur can understand where to invest and where to not. Adding to this, the saved time can be invested in personal development. This learning can help improve and enrich a person’s skills and his/her worth. One should never stop learning. As there will always be something about which you know nothing about. So, the other two of the career goals examples are to invest in things that help save your time or increase your productivity. Tou need to utilize your time in reading and acquiring knowledge.

  1. Interact with those around you

There can come a time that you need a favor from someone. It would be quite easy to get it if you have a good understanding and relations with that person. You can have good relations with your colleagues. You will need tp talk to them, share emotions, spend time together, have meals together and invite each other to parties. The good relations with people around you will not only help you get favors from them. It will also help you keep happy, motivated and productive at work. On the other hand, if you do not have good relations with those around you, work will seem as a burden and you will not be productive too.


All these career goals examples can prove to be extremely helpful for each entrepreneur out there. In fact, they will prove to be helpful to people of all professions. These are quite general goals which many people have. Setting career goals is extremely important too. Without them, you will not have a purpose to work towards and nor will you know what the final outcome of all your hard work is. Apart from these general career goals, an individual entrepreneur can also have very specific career goals. An example can be ‘to become the best corporate lawyer in the city’, ‘become the best car wash service provider of the town’, ‘become CEO of ABC ltd’ and ‘ win an Oscar by giving exceptional performance in a movie’.


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