Not everyone can be a leader. Leadership demands something extra from you, it demands good qualities and not everyone can provide that.

If you want to be a good leader, you must bring the following list of qualities of a good leader to your personality. Only then will you be able to succeed the leadership qualities.

What Are Good Qualities?

If you want to be a successful person in life you need have leadership qualities in you. You should cultivate yourself just like you would cultivate a garden. The qualities shared by a good leader are not once that happen by luck or accident. They are shaped in the form of habits, built each day.

Below are 20 list of qualities of a good leader.

Positive Attitude

A good leader always has a positive attitude to the majority of the situations he faces. Not saying that he does not get mad, but the majority of the times, he is positive and solves a case peacefully.


A good leader pushes its subordinates and gets them motivated for doing the right task. He helps them in doing better.

Dressing sense

This might seem weird, but yes, a leader does have a good dressing sense which separates him from the others.


There is a word called “Class”. One of the good qualities of a leader is being classy and elegant. This includes your way of communication, style and attitude combined.

Ability To Trust

Trusting your junior might be difficult, but this is the task of a good leader who can trust others and not be an introvert type of a person.

Respecting The Junior

Leaders do have a higher status and have a better say on their subordinates. However, recognising others still stands as an essential moral duty. Every good leader should do that.


A good leader is active which is one of the reason he can get maximum control and hold and get the work done in time. Being active is yet another one of the most critical right qualities of a leader.

Good At Contingency Planning

Contingency planning relates to disaster management or crisis planning. A good leader must have a proper contingency planning or ability to make a contingency plan in case of a mishap and act accordingly.

Analyze And Investigate

For making the right type of decisions, analysing stands as an essential part of the leadership. A good leader will always be a good analyst as well and will investigate to find out problems and sort them out.

Ability To Lead A Whole Team

The main thing why the concept of leadership exists is because a good leader must be able to drive an entire group together otherwise he will fail.


A good leader is confident but not overconfident. He should be able to talk to others and confidently act on his decisions.

Broad Vision

Leadership demands a general view. Leaders who don’t have a full idea do not think of the long-term effects and face various consequences.

Stay Active

Stay active, stay smart, stay healthy, stay aware of your surroundings and no one will be able to bluff you. What else would a good leader need? Just be active as much as you can, and you will be a great leader.


A good leader blames less on others and takes responsibility for his actions. This defines the spirit of real leadership.

Stick To The Statements

One of the good qualities of a leader is that he sticks to his comments and does not back out. This is a huge thing which many people don’t act on.

Multiple Personalities

A good leader must not only have a single character residing in him. He must have multiple ones to tackle the different situations and different people he meets.

Honest And True

Being honest and sincere covers the aspect of being fair to yourself, to the people around you, and to the designation assigned to you. A good leader is always honest and sincere.

Keeps Subordinate’s Passion Alive

In the times when the morale or a specific aide or the entire team is down, a good leader must be able to gather all to one table and move alongside with them so that they succeed.


A good leader is innovative and always keeps himself open to the new ideas from its subordinates as well as from other sources.

Follows The Formal And Informal Style

A good leader is not the one who only supports a single method, but he is the one who adopts different forms in different situations.


Above mentioned are some of the good qualities of a leader. Make sure that if you are planning to be a leader, you must have the majority of these.


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