A List of 120+ Slogans of Information Technology Companies

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As part of our slogans directory project, we’ve collected a list of slogans from information technology companies.

It’s a wide collection of 120+ technology slogans covering different types of organizations including hardware & software giants, database solutions, technology retailers, telecoms, security companies, and even home appliance manufacturers.

Think outside the box.


Your World. Delivered.


Your Potential. Our Passion.


The Miracles of Science.

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Importance of Technology Slogans

Technology companies are some of the biggest (and fastest growing) organizations of today.

Firstly, they are trying to build the tech industry through innovation. Secondly, they’re encouraging B2B and B2C customers to adopt those new solutions and products.

And lastly, while they are at all of this this, they are also trying to stay abreast against a plethora of competing companies, big or small (including startups).

The importance of a slogan for a technology company is immense. But why having a slogan for a tech company so important?

Simple answer. Differentiation.

A technology / IT / software company needs to stand out against the crowd. They are good at that when it comes to driving tech innovation already. But when it comes to marketing, and actually getting hands dirty to sell what they’ve built, they need to stand for something.

Looking at these Best Buy slogans, a consumer electronics store, you can see how they have shifted their marketing slogans over the years. From highlighting future possibilities to creating price leadership, they try to keep close to what their customer needs.

Even though they’re more in the retail business category, than a tech category, but they are very customer-centric. That’s what we can learn from them.


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Companies that stand for something, a value or a mission, usually do much better than the ones who don’t. And having a slogan acts as reminder for the company of what they stand for.

A slogan helps ground those company values not only for the customers you are trying to sell your product (or solution), but also for your corporate leadership, senior management and employees at every level.

It helps reinforce why a company exists in the first place.

If you’ve been looking around for slogan ideas for an IT company, this list can help to inspire you.



Serving Information. Simply.

3PARdata Inc.

High Performance. Delivered.


Better by Adobe.


People Making Technology Work.

Affiliated Computer Services

How Communication Happens.

Agere Systems

Security Made Simple.

Aluria Software

… and You’re Done
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