[tps_header]Cereal boxes have been a canvas to express creativity for advertisers and pack designers since decades. From creative cereal slogans, catchy cereal names, funky cereal box designs to coming up with games to put on the back of cereal box, marketing teams went way out of the box to attract kids and get them hooked to one of their cereal brands.

While some cereals focused towards mature audiences with health and importance of breakfast through their positioning, box designs and cereal slogans, others gave birth to hundreds, if not thousands, of new character mascots for many kids focused cereals and cereal boxes.

We’ve put together a list of 33+ cereal slogans and boxes that we feel are creative and have stood out with the consumers.

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 1. Alien – Berry punch flavored oat cereal


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  1. Why did you choose the “Cheaties” box at the beginning? That’s a spoof photo of Wheaties.

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