Catchy business slogans have the ability to become household names and to influence a customer’s purchase decisions.

Slogans for business can make or break your business because they represent your business in the market. They can help establish more brand recall whenever a purchase is being made.

A good business slogan is short, catchy, and enables a business to develop trust and credibility with potential customers. It connects with the customer and makes them think of your business often or in times of need.

If you’re looking for business slogan ideas, don’t try to copy other businesses’ slogans.

Try to take inspiration from everywhere, and then sit down in the comfort of your home or office. Jot down how you see your business and try to personify it. If your business was a person, how would it be? What would it do for people?

For example, a luxury car can be personified as James Bond. Or Mountain Dew can be personified as someone who is fearless and loves the thrill in life.

Get it?

Now. Think of your business / brand and try to personify it. Once you have a character in mind, try to identify its purpose.

That’s where you will get an inspiration to come up with your slogan.

This is what I do. Try it and share your experience with me.

We’ve compiled a business slogans list, that can help you with some inspiration and get started.

S. No. Generic Business Slogans
1 Making dreams come to life
2 Plan to action
3 We’ll get it done
4 Let’s nail your next project
5 We take pride in your work
6 Put us to test
7 Making your vision come true
8 Quality is what we pursue
9 Our reputation is the proof.
10 You can sleep at night
11 We’re on the top of everything
12 We work to impress
13 We’re better than the rest
14 Getting shit done
15 You dream it. We build it.
16 Strategy before tactics.
17 Marketing is a habit, not an event.
18 Fix the problem, not the blame.
19 Starting is easy, finishing is hard.
20 Compete on value, not on price.

Here are a few brand slogans to illustrate how slogans define what the businesses do:

S. No. Brand Slogan
1 Solatese For every mood, and every move.
2 J Cosmetics Beauty lies within
3 Auto Zone Get in the zone
4 Taco Bun Think outside the bun
5 Disneyland The happiest place on earth
6 BDO We find ways
7 Metrobank You’re in good hands.
8 Walmart Save money, live better
9 Maxwell House Good to the last drop
10 Visa Its everywhere you want to be
11 Ebay Buy it, sell it, love it.
12 Metlife Have you met your life today?
13 Energizer Keeps going and going and going
14 3M Innovation

Write down a few business slogans examples and share it with your friends and family. See what they have to say. 


I’m a marketing strategist by day. Marketing and strategy are 2 things that I enjoy because they give me the chance to do what I do best: think, identify opportunities, and connect the dots. By night, I love to inspire people to think big. I truly believe and advocate that every individual has the potential to go beyond what he or she thinks they’re capable of.

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