Despite the fact that there are numerous advantages and disadvantages of natural gas, we never really pay attention to it. Most of us around the world use natural gas in our daily lives without knowing that we are using it.

What exactly is natural gas? What is it used for?

It is a fossil fuel in a gaseous state which is composed of methane and a few other hydrocarbons. Natural gas is mainly used as a source of energy for heating, cooking, and electricity generation.



Advantages And Disadvantages of Natural Gas

Natural gas has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Though most people who use it for cooking, and as fuel for cars, mostly know it for its advantages. Let’s dive right in to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of natural gas below.



Advantages of Natural Gas

Environmentally Friendly

Natural gas is known to be the cleanest fossil fuel. As the byproducts of this gas are in the gaseous state, it doesn’t pollute the ground or the underground water. When it is burnt, no soot or sulphur dioxide is released. This gas won’t cause any harm to humans as well as the plants or animals as it is non-toxic.


Continuous Source Of Power And Reliable

Unlike the other renewable power sources, natural gas can provide you with electricity continuously for 24 hours in a day. Gas boilers and engines are also being developed to improve the efficiency gas to energy conversion. Also, natural gas is reliable; the electric power won’t be cut off during a storm.


More Comfortable To Store And Safe To Use

Storing this gas is very easy and simple, and it’s one of the reasons for being well known. You can save it in the tanks above the ground or even underground. Also, you can keep it in any state, liquid or gas. It is directly piped to the user’s facility through the safe pipeline system.


Less Expensive

The cost of the natural gas is meager compared to the other renewable power sources. You can use it in your vehicle or as an electric power source or even for cooking. Due to the lower bill payments, it will save you a lot of money.


Use As Much As You Want

It’s been researched that the natural gas is available for more than a 100 years only in the US. This tells us that this gas is in a bountiful supply all around the world.


Independence On Foreign Oil

Many countries are facing financial issues because they are dependent on other countries for oil. If everyone starts using natural gas, this issue can get solved for many. You can use this gas instead of oil for powering the vehicle and for electricity generation.


Creates Jobs

The industry if natural gas produces over 3 million jobs. This is beneficial for the people as it pays higher than the average salary. The country where the trades are situated has the least unemployment rate.




Disadvantages of Natural Gas

Although the natural gas has its pros, there are some cons as well. Read below to find out more.


Highly Combustible

Mishandling can cause dangerous explosions. We need to be very careful while using this gas in areas that are more likely to catch fire. You won’t be able to detect if the bad is leaking or not because natural gas is odorless. Therefore, many people do not use it in vehicles.


Non-Renewable Source Of Energy

Many experts believe in the fact that natural gas will be depleted one day. Therefore, they say that it is a non- renewable energy source and man cannot depend on it forever.


Plays A Role In Climate Change

Natural gas not only contributes to climate changing, but also global warming. This is because it emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Some experts believe that the long-term use of this gas will cause damage to nature more than other would.


Emits Carbon Monoxide

This gas may emit the poisonous carbon monoxide, which is very harmful to humans. If a person inhales this toxic gas, he’ll be deprived of oxygen, which may lead to death. Many countries take precautionary measures to detect carbon monoxide to save lives.


Does Natural Gas More Advantages & Disadvantages? What Do You Think?

Everything in this world has its right side as well as the wrong side. Just like that, natural gas to have its advantages and disadvantages. This was super useful and environmentally friendly.

Yes, it can get harmful at times, but that’s up to you; how would you use it. Natural gas is better than another source of electricity generation. Use natural gas and save the environment and your money.


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