What is guerilla marketing? We’re pretty sure you’ll find several guerilla marketing definitions out there, but if you’re looking for more clarity, you’ve landed on the right page. Guerilla marketing is another buzz word that marketers have been using a lot in recent years, and it has been building up like the viral marketing phenomenon.


Guerilla Marketing can be defined as a low cost marketing strategy that disrupts the norm to drive attention and generate massive popularity for a product.


As part of guerilla marketing tactics, unconventional marketing methods are used instead of regular media channels, to keep the costs low. Consumers or customers are targeted in the most unusual locations to add in the surprise and shock element. Bringing in consumer engagement as part of the campaign can be of more value, but is not required. Apart from these basic guidelines, there is no fixed pattern of doing a guerilla marketing campaign because no rules are followed.

The idea of guerilla marketing is originated from guerilla warfare, where the job has to be done through unconventional tactics. However. traditional marketing usually stays within the boundaries of convention, or is very cautious of going beyond guidelines and rules. Guerilla marketing on the other hand, is not about following rules. It’s about achieving the marketing target through creative means in an unfair and unforgiving environment.

It usually exploits the popular culture within the audience or is about connecting with them through things that matter. Instead of big marketing budgets, it relies more on creativity, time and energy. And if the campaign is attention grabbing, unique and engaging, it is expected to go viral to generate millions of views through the internet.

Whether it is PR stunt, intercepting people at unexpected locations, or a crazy sampling campaign, guerilla marketing is an open canvas for creative marketers that allows freedom to think beyond rules. To help you understand more, we’re kicking in a few guerilla marketing examples below.


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