Understanding digital marketing with examples is not complexed as the field itself. Digital marketing can be pretty daunting if you try to do it on your own. But when you try to learn it through examples you will find it very simple and fun to learn.

Digital marketing can be defined as the marketing which is done on any digital media, which can be through mobile phones, internet or any other form of digital media. Digital marketing is becoming more popular than any other type of marketing these days. What can be the reason behind that? We will find out the answer, but first let us have a better understanding of digital marketing with in-depth examples.

Understanding Digital Media With Examples

The Social Media

Yes! The most popular way of digital marketing is through social media. It is a vast subject, and there are a lot of sub-categories. Mainly, here we talk about how social media is being used in the 21st century for digital marketing. Catchy lines, beautiful videos and pictures make it appealing to the customers. Viral content makes it even better for the businesses promote their products. Social media now accounts for more advertising and promotion than any other form of media.

  • For example. Many people use advertisement programs by Facebook to boost their reach and gain more customers.
  • For example. Businesses start promoting their products in reliance on memes and other viral stuff that helps in getting more shares, likes, and comments which ultimately helps them.


The Hashtag

One of the most popular ways of digital marketing is with the hashtag game. Earlier used only on Twitter, hashtags are now a part of every social media website. Use the hashtag to represent any specific highlight regarding your advertisement. Consistent usage makes your hashtag accessible as well. People can search for your business more often by hashtag than by its original name. All you need to do is to use the hashtag the right way.

  • For example, whenever uber creates a new promotion, they use a new hashtag like #UberEats and much more to symbolize that specific thing amongst its users.

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Another common trend for every other business today is to make their mobile app. Every other social media page or even a simple blog has created its application for the users. Companies build their personal mobile use to provide better accessibility to the users. This is proven to be very successful since convenience is one hot sold item of the 21st century. Applications make sharing and ordering much more comfortable. Businesses do get a lot of sales from their mobile apps.

  • For example. McDonald’s has its mobile application which gives deals to its users on a regular basis.


Email- Marketing

Another form of marketing is email marketing. Getting emails from the customers isn’t a terrible task. Users who regularly check email can be a high target for email marketing. We suggest that you have a healthy subject and opening sentence of the email, otherwise no one would read the emails. Also, make sure your emails do not have any keywords that can register them as a spam mail.

  • For example, Uber often sends its promotions to its users on emails.

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SMS Marketing

Another familiar way of targeting your potential customers randomly is through SMS marketing. You never know who would respond. Many times, no one answers in 100000 texts, and at other times you get an instant response after texting only a few numbers. SMS marketing can be successful, or it can fail. Since it is entirely random, it is quite difficult to predict what will happen next.

  • For example. Many companies send messages regarding promotions on random numbers to see if someone replies and shows interest in the development.



Understanding digital marketing with examples is simple, and in this post we have tried to explain it in the simplest manner possible. Digital marketing is one of the cheapest yet successful marketing techniques if done the right way. Surprising results can be expected if the digital marketing team is consistent in its efforts to promote the business.


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