Starbucks Mission Statement, Vision Statement & Values

Starbucks mission statement (along with its delicious variety of beverages), is probably why the multi-million dollar coffeehouse chain has soared to success. Known for its hipster menu items and Instagram-capture-worthy frappucinos, teas, and lattes, Starbucks quickly became the third-largest fast food restaurant chain. But its unicorn-inspired coffee products isn’t the only reason why Starbucks is so famous. After all, the


Inclusive Distribution Examples, Strategy & Explanation

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies are gradually understanding the importance of inclusive distribution. However, despite this realization, the most leading consumer good consumers have only been able to scratch the tip of the iceberg of market potential. In this blog, we’ll be providing you a detailed guide to what inclusive distribution is all about. What is inclusive distribution? Inclusive distribution


Selective Distribution Examples, Strategy & Explanation

Selective distribution is the most effective distribution strategy for high-end brands that want to set up a limited number of outlets in a particular geographical location. This is quite different from exclusive distribution (which can be a little too extreme) and is considered as a middle path approach to distribution. This type of strategy works best when dealing with consumers


Exclusive Distribution Examples, Strategy & Explanation

Ever wonder why you can’t buy a Rolex watch at every nook and cranny of the city? Well, it all has to do with exclusive distribution. Companies often use this strategy to create an aura of prestige and exclusivity that sets their products apart from competitors. This is done so by handpicking exclusive distributors instead of targeting a bunch of them, While


Extensive Distribution Examples, Strategy & Explanation

Market penetration becomes more achievable when businesses use extensive distribution strategies. This unique strategy is typically used when a company wants to take advantage of multiple delivery channels at the same time. This is quite different from selective distribution where businesses would have to hand-pick retailers to sell their products. What is Extensive Distribution? It’s a distribution strategy that aims


Intensive Distribution Examples, Strategy & Explanation

If you’ve studied marketing or are on the road to becoming an entrepreneur, then you’re probably familiar with the term intensive distribution. Intensive distribution occurs when a business neglects market segmentation and instead, focuses on supplying their product to every accessible market. What Is Intensive Distribution? To provide some clarity, intensive distribution is a strategy that companies use to ensure


Super Effective Communication Strategies and Techniques

You can’t propel your business forward without crafting effective communication strategies. After all, effective communication is the key to building long-lasting relationships – both personal and professional. Without a proper plan in place, the true essence of your message is likely to get distorted along the way, leaving behind a team of incredibly unsatisfied employees or customers. Worry not. We’ll


Product Mix: Explanation, Importance & Examples

Ever wonder what a product mix is? Well, in simple terms, a product mix is an assortment of product lines offered by a brand. This may sound a little confusing at first but the concept is fairly simple to understand once you read up on some examples. (And that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in this blog.) Product Mix Definition