50+ Catchy Campaign Slogans of US Presidential Candidates

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Candidates campaigning for presidential elections in a democratic state, require many resources, concrete promises and catchy campaign slogans to convince the population at large to vote for them.

Using the reach of mass media, each political party bombards their audiences with announcements carrying election slogans, their plans of what they aim to do, and the reforms they are going to introduce. 

But are these political slogans any effective?

Well, it seems so.

Especially, considering the fact that political campaigning is pretty much advertising to gain more voters.

And at the end of the day, good campaign slogans can help give one political party an edge over the other, by helping to connect them with the audience’s need, by maintaining more recall, and by appearing much more credible.

That of course, translates into more voters.

Here is a timeline of some of the best campaign slogans that the US presidential candidates have been using over the years:

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1960 – Richard Nixon


“For the Future”

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